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Your education is very important. At the end of years of work, a certificate is a representation of all the hours of studying and effort.

If you lose or need hard copy of your IWeb TEFL/TEFSOL certificate, it can feel like a huge deal. After all, it’s a very small piece of paper, and easy to misplace. If you’ve moved apartments or even emptied out an office or bedroom, it’s easy for it to go missing.

And if you have lost or need a hard copy of your TEFL/TEFSOL certificate? What should you do? It can be helpful to know how to get a copy of your TEFL/TEFSOL certificate, in this distressing situation.

You’ll want to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Provide the following when requesting in the Order notes (optional) section:
1: Complete Full Name
2. IWeb Student ID Number

A reprint will be sent to you regular mail.

Fee includes, printing, shipping and handling costs.


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