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When you sign up for any of our courses you will have full access to our highly qualified and experienced personal tutors whenever you need them.

If you want advice about looking for work or need to ask a question about teaching English to someone who has been there and done it, and literally written the book… then your personal tutor is the one to ask!

All of our tutors have:

  • A second degree (MA or equivalent) in English or relevant field
  • A higher-level TESL/TEFL qualification (or equivalent)
  • Several years experience working as an ESL/EFL teacher
  • Relevant teacher training experience and qualifications
  • And of course a friendly and helpful attitude!


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Feedback from graduates about their tutors:

“My tutor was a huge support during the entire time of my TEFL course. I couldn’t be more proud of having had her as my tutor: she was always there for me for any kind of necessities or doubts; always open to share information and advice regarding teaching English and the greatest new friendship that was born from this beautiful experience. I owe her a lot, definitely!” – Ciro (2021)

“Thank you for all the great feedback! You’ve been very helpful.” – Perla (2021)

“Thank you so much for your support throughout the course and even for your care when I was sick. I learned quite a lot from this course.” – Oladaya (2020)

“My tutor was clear and direct. Thank you for your hard work, and patience!” – Lise (2020)



“My tutor was always attentive. She was always reassuring and attentive to detail. This course has been very useful to me, especially in the preparation of a detailed and exciting lesson plan. Thank you again for your help and your availability.” – Fortunato (2020)

“My tutor was always very precise and punctual. She encouraged and stimulated me with challenging questions throughout the course, providing valuable insight. I would recommend this course to other users. Thank you again very much for your support and your valuable insight!” – Francesca (2019)

“My tutor’s comments were not only encouraging, but extremely helpful. I will keep your advice and suggestions in mind when planning for my next lessons.” – Magda (2019)

“Thank you very much for your support during this course and also your suggestions, which I found very stimulating and interesting!” – Francesca (2019)




“My tutor was a great help, always there for me. She coached me through the whole process and her comments and recommendations were excellent. I couldn’t have done it without her. Thanks for your patience and guidance.” – Santiago (2019)

“My tutor was really helpful, clear in giving tips and corrections, and really quick in sending back my papers. Thank you for all your help during the course: your feedback was really great and it made me think about bits that I sometimes missed while writing out the assignment. Thanks again.” – Barbara (2019)

“Thank you for being patient with me! I really appreciated all your comments because they helped me think outside of my own box. Best wishes to you!” – Alex (2019)

“My tutor was excellent. She stimulated me to work harder and have more ideas. She was very quick to correct my assignments and I also appreciated her comments and feedback.” – Elena (2018)

“I had a really great tutor. I had some history courses going and, as of such, I was far from consistent in getting my work in. However, she was super consistent, and I always got my work back within a few days if not the very next day. She was encouraging but didn’t fail to point out anything I could have done better. I plan to keep her comments. I have a feeling they’ll really help me.” – Madison (2018)



“I would like to thank you for being an excellent tutor. Taking the IWeb TEFL, I never felt alone although it is an online course. I have always been sure that there was someone I could “call” at any time. Your advice and comments on my assignments have been very useful. Thank you!!” – Barbara (2018)

“My tutor was absolutely wonderful! She was very, very competent and an all-around terrific teacher! Thank you for the time you took to correct my assignments and for the precious comments and suggestions you made each time. Thanks again!” – Anna (2017)

“I learned much that I wouldn’t have considered on my own, so it’s been a valuable experience. Also, it was more challenging than I thought it would be, which is nice because that’ll make me more prepared. I won’t really know how well prepared I am until I’m standing in front of a class I suppose! I thought my tutor was great! Always prompt and had many helpful comments. I don’t think she graded unreasonably or too leniently. Thanks for your help! I have nothing but positive feedback for my experience working with you.” Ryan (2016)

“My tutor was very insightful and would compliment my ideas with her own comments throughout the course. It encouraged me to consider various possibilities within the same lesson. Thank you for your guidance throughout the process. I really appreciate all your comments. They really encouraged me to expand upon my own ideas. Thanks again!!!” – Afriyie (2015)

“It was great to have you as my tutor. Your comments have been very helpful and useful and I also appreciated your questions that made me think how to extend the points included in my assignments. Thank you!!!” – Laura (2015)




“My tutor was GREAT! She was very helpful and motivating. I would thank to thank you so much for all your help. Your comments were very helpful and motivating. Much appreciated.” – Ashley (2015)

“My tutor gave detailed feedback on each module, very helpful. Thank you, you’ve been a wonderful tutor!” – Jessica (2015)

“My tutor was awesome, very patient and helpful in guiding me along the course path. I began not really knowing how to “think” like an instructor, but she led me throughout the material, and I progressed because of her kind and caring guidance.” – Michael (2014)

“My tutor was very helpful and quick to return emails and grade assignments. It was a pleasure to deal with her and I greatly appreciated her valuable feedback and comments on my assignments. Thank you so very much for accommodating me under my special circumstances and providing a more than adequate solution to my problem. I am confident that everything will work out and I thank you for your understanding, assistance and guidance. I wish for you all the very best.” – Shelley (2014)

“My tutor was very helpful and provided plenty of feedback on assignments. A quick marker too: much appreciated. Thank YOU” – Katrine (2014)




“My tutor was quick to correct and respond. She also provided thoughtful comments and suggestions.” – Jillian (2014)

“Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the course and your support throughout was extremely helpful – thank you! I am Looking forward to teaching in Sicily!” – Isobell (2013)

“I felt to have a good feeling with my tutor from the start because we have in common the fact that we’re both American and we both live and teach English to Italian students. Besides this, she was very professional and all her comments were good suggestions on how to improve my lessons. Thank you very much for all your help and support during my assignments. It has been a great pleasure to have you as my tutor.” – Salvatrice (2012)



“Thank you for your important support during this interesting experience. I think you’re an excellent teacher trainer. It was an honour for me to work with you.” – Serena (2011)