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Louise Latimer (March 6, 1913 – June 16, 1973)

She starred opposite John Wayne in the 1937 California Straight Ahead!. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she graduated from Erasmus Hall High School. During the Second World War she was active with the American Red Cross and various Catholic charities, helping to promote the war effort. Her success in this field brought her to Hollywood in 1934 beginning with My Mummy's Arms. A contract player she floated around Tinsel Town's biggest studios showcasing her beauty in versatile roles. Other credits include Two In Revolt (1935), The Witness Chair (1936), Grand Jury (1936), We're On The Jury (1937), and the John Wayne feature California Straight Ahead! (1937). She left films in 1937, at age 21, to focus on a career in fashion. She died on June 16, 1973 at age 60, and is buried at Saint Lawrence Cemetery in West Haven, Connecticut.