You Had No Idea These Common Household Items Were Meant To Be Used Like This

What do ridges on coins, Solo cups, coat hangers, and old TV antennas have in common? First of all, they are everyday household things! Second, they come with a secret that you have not noticed in the past. Trust us when we say that these things will solve pesky little problems in and around the home after you tweak them a little. You will no longer have to keep making those trips up to Target and Home Depot when you hear these tips and tricks! Read on to finally learn how you can make life a lot easier.

Wine Bottle Dip
A lot of people like to drink a glass of wine or two! If you are one of them, perhaps you have noticed that dip at the bottom of the bottle at one point or another. Before anything else, you should know that it is called the punt or kick-up. It makes the bottle more stable to prevent it from breaking or falling over after a gust of wind blows by. This also fortifies the bottle to hold sparkling wine, champagne, and the like. It allows the easier distribution of steam when they clean the bottle before adding the wine too.

Shirt Loops
Did you know that you will not only find shirt loops in t-shirts? They actually come with nice collared shirts as well. This is a practice that has roots in the Navy. When you are out at sea, you do not have a lot of closet space. It is how sailors hang their clothes on hooks! In the ‘60s, college kids used them to keep them neat when they go to the gym. They are often left on to show class and quality these days.

Gas Gauge Arrow
You might have already taken note of this if you drive a car. Beside the gas gauge of nearly every car made from 2010 onwards, you will find an arrow that points either to the left or the right! It is a way to remind the driver of the car which side the gas cap is on. This might not be all that helpful if you have been driving the car for a considerable amount of time. However, it might come in handy when you are using a brand-new vehicle or a rental car. We think it’s a pretty cool feature!




Charcoal Purifies Air And Removes Odors
You can buy activated bamboo charcoal at your local home good stores. It is great at removing odors and purifying the area. You do not need expensive air purifiers in your home if you have this! That aside, this particular kind of charcoal is known to remove allergens and bacteria. You only have to insert the pieces into mesh bags and leave them in foul-smelling areas. There are many places that make their products this way, such as Breath Green Charcoal Bags. They have been on the market for a long time!

Charcoal Purifies Air And Removes Odors
You can buy activated bamboo charcoal at your local home good stores. It is great at removing odors and purifying the area. You do not need expensive air purifiers in your home if you have this! That aside, this particular kind of charcoal is known to remove allergens and bacteria. You only have to insert the pieces into mesh bags and leave them in foul-smelling areas. There are many places that make their products this way, such as Breath Green Charcoal Bags. They have been on the market for a long time!

Random Jean Buttons
Do you love jeans? You might be the biggest fan of these trousers but still have no idea what the extra buttons over the pants are for. We all know that they seem odd, but not enough people out there know just how important they actually are! Rivets, as they are called, are added strategically to the garment to prevent the seams from ripping open and getting worn out. Did you know that Levi Strauss, jeans magnet, owns the patent on these things! In 1829, he thought of them when miners had been complaining of how easily their jeans wore out.

Extra Fabric With New Clothes
Have you ever seen that tiny, extra bag that comes with the new clothes that you buy? It usually comes with a tiny piece of the fabric. Most people think that they can use this for tears and rips, but it is for something else. This fabric is meant to go into the wash so that you can see if it will bleed or shrink. After all, it is not a smart idea to wash a piece of clothing if you don’t know how it will react in the wash.




Pot Handle Holes
We doubt that you know the reason so many pot and pan handles have a hole unless you cook for a living. First of all, it makes them much easier to hang when they are not being used. After you wash them, this is a great way to ensure that they dry without a problem. Chefs tend to use that hole to hold the stirring spoon, ladle, and other utensils. If you ask us, it sure sounds very convenient and hygienic.

Winter Hat Pom-Poms
It looks like a lot of people fail to keep their head comfy and warm when the winter season rolls in. Hats are a good way to fix this problem. However, you might start to wonder what the pom-poms on some of them are for. The feature has roots in Scandinavia! They were added to collect the seams during the knitting process. While other materials have since been used, this adorable little feature lives on.

Airplane Window Holes
We bet you also freaked out when you first noticed that tiny hole located in the airplane window! Relax, everyone has been there at some point. But why do they exist in the first place? These things are called breather holes. They let the outer panes of the plane handle the pressure difference as the vessel gets higher and higher. It lets the cabin remain at a safe and comfortable level the whole time. If the outer pane is ever compromised, there should be an air leak through there. Make sure to keep an eye for that!

Black Grating In The Microwave
It is doubtful that you have ever taken a very close look at your microwave. However, you do not need to get all up-close and personal with it to notice the black grating of the door. This is called the Faraday shield. It prevents the escape of electromagnetic fields in the microwave so that you can be safe! Just know that you would not only be in danger without it but your food wouldn’t get cooked either.

Dimples On Golf Balls
The truth is that golf balls are not round. A closer look will be all you need to know to get acquainted with all those dimples on their surfaces. Golfers have noticed that old balls, those with bumps and nicks, happen to travel longer distances. These imperfections create turbulence and reduce drag. You now know why they began to add dimples to ball designs! It’s not going to be helpful with putt-putt, though.

Long Bottle Necks
Perhaps you have noticed that adult beverages often come in long-neck bottles. The shape lets you hold beer bottles more comfortably for longer periods of time. Aside from that, it lets you pour it into a glass or mug without a problem. Unfiltered beers typically use long-neck bottles that have a more bulbous neck to catch sediments. Aside from that, long necks also help distribute heat throughout the container!




Can Tabs
We are sure that most people know what can tabs are since we regularly open cans of different drinks. You must think these bits are annoying since they usually break off and then fall inside the can! Did you know that they have been designed to double as a straw holder? Nowadays, it is unusual to drink from a can with a straw since they widened the mouth in the past to make it easier to drink straight from it!

Takeout Boxes
Chinese takeout is here to save us on the days when we are simply too tired to whip up a meal. Do you also eat it straight from the carton? In reality, the takeout boxes have been designed flat since they are meant to function as a plate as well! You do not have to take out the food before you pull the sides apart and lay it flat on the table. Do this correctly and you should get a usable plate there and then.

Double Keyboard Bumps
Have you noticed the small bumps on the F and J keys on your computer keyboard? We want you to guess why they installed them in those spots. Apparently, they did it to let people know where their hands are on the keyboard even if they do not look down! When typing, the right index finger should land on J and the left one on F. You can just feel around for the bumps instead of looking to check!

Pen Cap Holes
Did you think that there was something wrong with your pen cap after you noticed that there was a hole in it? Don’t worry, this was done by design. It was added to let air flow freely should it ever get swallowed by an adult or a child. This makes perfect sense to us. After all, there are so many people out there seem to enjoy putting the pen caps in their mouths while they think!

iPhone Camera Hole
Do you have an iPhone? If so, maybe you noticed that tiny hole right beside the camera lens when you were taking selfies. No, it is not a spy camera but a microphone! After the iPhone 5, all the smartphones from the company have three mics. One is located on the bottom edge, another one under the speaker grill, and the last one beside the lens. This way, you would not have a problem recording sound at all.

Zigzag Side On Bobby Pins
Bobby pins have two sides: the wavy one and the straight one. Usually, people use them in a way that wavy pattern faces the scalp. While that does look cooler, this is not the only thing it does! The pattern keeps it secure in the spot and keeps it in the spot the whole day. It’s easier to hold onto hair like this.




Cable Cord Cylinders
We do not know about you, but we used to wonder what those cylinder-like lumps towards the end of cords are and do. If you must know, they are called ferrite chokes or cores! They come with magnetic iron oxide, which prevents high-frequency electromagnetic interference. Your call might get interrupted by weird noises if your phone is too close to the speaker. These cylinders actually prevent these things.

Apple Power Cord Wings
Do you have a MacBook? If you just said ‘yes’, you probably see the wings on the cord all the time. Don’t worry if you do not know what they are for! Many people do not know why they can be pulled up. Apparently, flipping them up and wrapping the cord around the wings helps make it easier to charge as nothing is going to get in the way. This is a great discovery if you do not like messes.

Blue Part On The Eraser
These erasers play a pretty big part in our childhood memories! But why did they have three different colors anyway? In the past, people said that the blue bits can erase pen ink, but this is only a rumor. The truth is that this bit was meant for strong and thick paper. Artists find it helpful when they use special paper and not loose-leaf or notebook paper. We just solved the greatest mystery of your childhood!

Square Patches On Backpacks
Do you think those square patches on many backpacks look cool? We won’t argue with you there, but you should know that this is not all. This lashing square or pig snout can be used to carry extra gear! String cords can be looped through it so that you can hang things that no longer fit inside your bag. If you camp, you will be happy to know this great piece of trivia.

Colorful Ice Cream Scoops
Are you aware of the reason ice cream coops have different colors? Each color actually represents a different scoop size! There are a dozen scoop sizes out there, most of them depending on how many can fit in the cup. That’s right. The bright colors are not only for show as they are very useful as well!

Brass Material For Door Knobs
If you are great at catching details, perhaps you have noticed that doorknobs are typically made of brass. Why is this? Apparently, brass surfaces resist bacteria buildup more. This is very important since a lot of people touch this object. Can you imagine what it would be like if they used another material for it?

Bottle Cap Discs
Have you taken a peek underneath the soda bottle cap? If so, you probably saw the plastic disc there. You might think they are unnecessary, but they actually help you see through the carbonation. We do not know exactly how it works, but the disc traps carbon dioxide and prevents the fizz from going.

Rearview Mirror Tab
As a driver, it is part of your job to look in the rearview mirror regularly when you are on the road! However, have you ever taken the time to notice the tab at the bottom of the mirror? Not many people know what it is for. It turns out that it allows you to change the position of the mirror to prevent getting blindsided by lights from behind you. It deflects the light and allows you to see what is going on.





Coin Ridges
Have you ever noticed the fact that quarters and dimes both have rough edges? You do not find these features on pennies and nickels! Go ahead and check the coins in your purse if you are not sure. This is actually a remnant of the period in history when coins got stamped in different weights to reflect the real value of the coin on hand. They wanted to stop people who shaved off the edges of the coin to make new ones! The ridges were made of precious metals to ensure that this no longer happened.

Grocery Cart Loops
Even if you can fit a lot of stuff in your grocery cart, not a lot of people ever notice the loops that will help frame the fold-out part to protect your items. With these loops, you can now hang the delicate items that can get squished by everything else in the cart. This is definitely a neat design in our books.

Lined Paper Margins
How come notebook paper has margins anyway? Perhaps it is more important to ask why the margins differ based on the grade you are in! For the second question, we all know that everything gets harder when you get older. But what about the first question? Apparently, this is because of rat infestations! They like to chew on just about any bit of paper, so this ensures that the important part will stay intact.

Paper Condiment Bowls
Ketchup and fries are a match made in heaven! However, do not like the idea of having to come back again and again to fill up the small condiment cups. Not only that, but they are also a pain to dip our fries into because of their size. The truth is that you can unfold them this way. Voila!

Women’s Underwear Pocket
If you are a woman, you must be confused about the secret pockets that some manufacturers add to underwear. What did they want us to put there? Panty gussets are what they call the excess fabric that they did not bother to stitch close. This way, you do not have to deal with bulky, extra seams!

Plastic Cup Lids
Are you ready to get your mind blown? Plastic lids that come with disposable cups area actually meant to be used as coasters as well. This does not apply if you get one and then drink it in the car. However, the ridges make them ideal for a coaster if you plan to sit down to enjoy the drink! We had no idea this was the case, but it makes coffee stains that much easier to deal with.

Detachable Car Headrests
There is a good chance that you used to get seated in the back during road trips. Perhaps you started to play around with the headrest as well. Did you have any idea that the headrest can be pulled out of the seat? They did this to ensure that you can use those metal bars to break down a window if you need to.




Solo Cup Lines
The red solo cups are the superstars of many college parties. Maybe you were too busy trying to enjoy your night to ever notice those horizontal lines on those cups. They are meant to tell you the amount of alcohol in there. The first line means one shot or an ounce of liquor. The next one means one glass or five ounces. The third one means 12 ounces or an entire bottle of beer!

Jerry Can Handles
A Jerry can is pretty common if you like to travel and go camping. Perhaps you know that it can store up to five gallons of fuel but are you aware of the reason there are three handles? This design lets you distribute the fuel evenly while you move it. If there are two people, both of them should grab the outside handles. If one person is carrying it, the middle one is the way to go.

Coat Hangers Made With Wood
You should go for wooden coat hangers to jazz up your closet. They do not only serve aesthetic purposes! The hangers are designed to repel insects! We do not want creepy crawlies on our clothes. Heavy clothes, like those made of wool and the like, often attract different kinds of insects. The cedar wood material smells pleasant enough to ward them off.

Juice Box Flaps
Do you know the reason juice boxes have heavy top flaps? You just need to look at the photo here to learn why. The angel in this photo learned what they are for. You just have to fold them outward to hold them in an easier way. These juice boxes were made for people ages 2 to 10. By doing this, you make it easier for them to hold it without any danger of slipping! This works for people older than that too, of course.

Holes In Your Converse
Have you ever looked at your Converse sneakers and wondered why they have those holes on the sides? As it turns out, they have several functions. The first one is allowing your feet to breathe while you wear them and prevent them from getting too hot. Another interesting reason they’re made that way is to allow you to tie the laces in more ways than other sneakers.

Screwdrivers, But Also Wrenches
If you ever wanted to know why your wrench has an odd hole on the end of it, here’s your answer: slide it over the top of a screwdriver you have. There you go! The wrench is also meant to help you screw things into place tightly without any problems.

Medicine Bottle For Adults
Did you know medicine bottles can be de-childproofed? Some bottles come with a cap that you can use to make things much easier. You just need to flip the bottle upside down. It’s really that simple.

Tic-Tac Hack
We all know the struggle of trying to get just one Tic-Tac out of the box but ending up with a whole bunch instead. Well, your days of suffering in the hands of TicTacs are over! Have you ever noticed the little indent on the inside of the box cap? It has a very specific purpose. It’s made to catch one single TicTac when you tip the opening over.

The Hole In Your Spaghetti Spoon
There is a real purpose for the hole in the spaghetti spoon, it’s not just for the aesthetics of it or draining the pasta. In fact, it can be used to measure out a certain amount of spaghetti. The only thing you need to do is stick the uncooked spaghetti through the hole and get a perfect measurement every time.

Grooves Between Tire Treads
Other than leaving a cool train in the snow, the indents and grooves on your car tires have a different purpose and an important one at that. The lowest point of the grooves indicates the lowest point your tire should get. For example, if your tires are smooth, meaning the grooves are gone or almost gone, you should get them replaced, and fast.

Gas Pump Latch
It might seem like the weird latch on the gas pump is useless, but we’re here to tell you that it’s there for a reason. From now on, you’ll know that you don’t need to stand there holding the gas pump while filling up your car. Lock the latch between the grooves on the gas pump handle so you don’t need to stand and wait around.

Toothpick Holder
Did you have any idea that some toothpicks come with built-in holders? If you see a ridged part on the end of your toothpick, break it off and place it on the table. Then, you’ll be able to put your toothpick inside one of the ridges and keep it clean before using it again.




Aluminum Foil Packaging
Those tabs on the sides of aluminum foil boxes you never knew what they were for? Now you will know. You can push them in. Why? Well, they are meant to keep the roll inside the box so it won’t move when you rip off a piece.

Half Belt On Jackets
You’re most likely to see this trend appear on trench and pea coats nowadays. When it was first created, the half-belt on the back of jackets weren’t just for show. They were used for military men who had oversized jackets that they also used as blankets. The half-belt was used to gather the extra fabric and keep it in place, allowing the soldiers to walk freely.

Utility Knife Cap
On the end of your utility knife, that plastic cap is an important part of it. If you pull it out, you’ll find it attached to something. That is extra parts for the knife blade. When your blade becomes too blunt and is losing its sharpness, you can just break off a piece of the extra and pop it into place for a brand-new, sharp utility knife!

Stapler Plates
The metal plate on the bottom of your stapler actually has a name. It’s called an anvil. If you turn your stapler upside down you can adjust it by spinning the wheel until it lines back up with the square it sits on. Use this if you ever want a “temporary staple”. It will push the arms of your staple out instead of in, allowing you to pull it out easily later on.

The Hole In Your Lollipop Stick
If you loved making your lollipop stick into a whistle when you were done with the candy itself, then you were using it wrong! Well, not wrong, but that hole in the stick has a different purpose. It’s actually there to allow the manufacturer to pour the melted candy into the molding and have some of it seep into the hole. The reason for this is so the candy doesn’t fall off the stick.

The Letter Arrangement On Your Keyboard
Isn’t it odd that the letters on the keyboard aren’t in alphabetical order? As you may have guessed, there is a reason for that. The first keyboard invented belonged to the typewriter that operated with metal arms. Initially, the keys were arranged in alphabetical order, but typing that way became a habit to typists and eventually, they ended up typing too fast. This caused the key arms to get stuck. The only thing stopping us from going back to alphabetized keyboards is the fact that now everyone is too used to this order.

Ridges In Audio Jack
You might not have even noticed this, but the ridges in audio jacks are there for a specific reason other than so the jack doesn’t fall out of the port. In fact, the material making up the ridges is used to protect and keep the wires in place and keep them from breaking while you listen to music. They also dictate which headphone the music goes to. One band is for the left headphone, one for the right, and one for both.

Silica Gel Packets
We usually see these packets inside a shoebox or a brand-new purse and know they’re meant to keep the item clean and fresh until you start using it. Have you ever wondered what’s really inside? The stuff inside is called a “desiccant”. It means that it helps keep moisture out. In fact, these little packets can absorb as much as 50% of the humidity in their environment!

Colorful Toothpaste
As it turns out, even the colors of your toothpaste have a specific reason! When people began to realize that just rinsing your mouth out wasn’t enough to keep your teeth healthy, Aquafresh heard about it and came through. The blue stripe is to show that the toothpaste freshens your breath while cleaning it, and the red shows that there’s also plaque control in the paste.

The Mysterious Square In Your McFlurry Spoon
Did you ever stick your finger in the square opening of the McFlurry spoon when you were little? Just about everyone did, apparently. It turns out that the spoon was made that way for a reason. The square attaches onto the machine that blends the ice cream and the toppings you chose. The bar of the machine slips into the spoon and stirs it, kind of like a drill would spin a screw.

TV Cable Hack
If you want high-speed television without paying outrageous prices for it and are tired of Netflix, join the club. Luckily, there are new technology disruptors that tricks devices by using old-fashioned TV antennas and an electrical outlet. These “Antennas” stream high-definition signals from stations like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, and more.

Make Threading Needles Easier
The most annoying part of sewing is without a doubt threading the needle. The flimsy piece of the thread seems to be reluctant to go through the needle no matter what you do. Next time you’re sewing anything, try dipping the very edge of the thread into clear nail polish. It will make the end firmer and easier to get through the needle.

Olive Oil: Not Just For Italian Food
If you struggle with dry skin, you might want to give this little hack a try. Olive oil, you know, the stuff you dip your bread in or put in pasta, can be used for your skin too. Apply a very small amount of olive oil to your face and body to relieve dryness.

Use A Tennis Ball For Parking Accuracy
Parking can be a challenge for anyone, let alone parking perfectly. You can use this simple trick to help you know when to brake next time you park. Just tie an old tennis ball to a string and hang it from the ceiling of your garage. It will help you see when you need to brake and where to park. This will keep you from accidentally bumping into the garage wall and damaging your bumper.

Strain Your Food With Tights
Do you have an old pair of tights you don’t use anymore? Or a new pair you don’t actually need? You can repurpose them to strain your food. They’re great for this because the holes are so small, food can’t seep out with the liquid. Just be sure to clean them well before trying this.




Groom Your Eyebrows With A Toothbrush
There are so many different uses for toothbrushes other than just brushing your teeth. You can use them to brush much more than that. Use a spare new one to groom your eyebrows! It’s cheaper than an actual eyebrow brush, and it’s something you’ll already have at home.

Loosen Doors With Petroleum Jelly
Squeaky doors can become a serious bother over time. However, there are times where you just can’t be bothered to make the trip to the hardware store and find a proper solution for it. Well, this hack is perfect for you. Rub a small amount of petroleum jelly on the door hinges, drawer tracks, or anything else you want to stop squeaking.

Colored Toothpaste Squares
Have you ever taken a really good look at your tube of toothpaste? If so, you have probably seen a colored block towards the end of the container. Perhaps it was black, blue, green, or even red. Mind you, these things are known as “eye marks”. What are they for? It turns out they are used by assembly line machine workers to determine where they must fold and cut the packaging. The tubes of toothpaste might still be attached to one another if they did not exist!

Extra Sneaker Holes
If you wear sneakers, you must have taken note of the extra holes that come at the top of shoes. No, this is not a design error! When your shoes run a little bigger than your feet, it is common to get blisters. Aside from that, it must make for an uncomfortable fit. This problem can be addressed if you slip the shoelaces into the opposite hole! You can create a loop this way and have a tighter lock. If you wanted to hear what this was called, you should keep in mind that it is called the “lace lock” or the “heel lock”.

Holes In Padlocks
We all use a padlock for one reason or another! Have you ever noticed that there is normally a hole or two located at the bottom? The holes allow water to come out if they ever get in. Some locks are kept outdoors, so they must be ready to face the elements. If it jams, just pour oil or WD-40 in there.

Measuring Tape Metal
We bet your guardian or parent, at one point, asked you to hold one end of the measuring tape. Maybe while you did that, you noticed the small piece of metal on the edge. There are several reasons why it is there. First, you can wrap the small slot around a nail to keep the tape in place if there is no one around to help you. Because the edge is serrated, it will help when you have to mark the surface as well.

Mason Jars For Utensils
It’s likely that you’ve seen Mason Jars all over Pinterest seeing as they’ve been a huge trend lately. This is for good reason – they’re a great thing to have in the house since you can use them for just about anything. Whether you want to store food, pens, or kitchen utensils, the possibilities are endless. The best part? You can customize them however you want!

Color Code Your Keys
Almost everyone has more than just one key. Whether it’s for the front door, the gym, the mailbox, or anything else, it’s easy to lose track which key is for what. One of the most frustrating things is standing outside your front door while trying to find the correct key. To avoid this problem, paint each key a different color to differentiate between them all.

Tennis Balls Can Protect Your Floors
Having a chair that squeaks is such an annoying thing. One simple solution to this issue is with tennis balls. Just get four for each chair, cut a slit down the middle of each one and place them over the feet of the chairs. This will also keep them from causing the floor any damage.

Shine Furniture With Olive Oil
You might not even realize this, but wooden furniture tends to get dirty rather quickly. Sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out which products are best to use on furniture. Because of that, we found this cool trick. Put a little olive oil on your wooden furniture and wipe it down using a microfiber towel. This will shine the wood flawlessly.

Dust Your Home With Old Tights
You can make use of old pairs of tights in so many different ways. One way to reuse them is to dust things in your house with them. Just slide them over a pair of tongs and dust both sides of the blinds in one go. You can even attach them to a small object in order to reach small crevices on a window sill or the far corners of the furniture.

DIY Baking Soda Air Freshener
It’s a known fact that baking soda is good for absorbing odd smells in certain places. However, when you mix some of the powder with essential oil, it can make a great DIY air freshener! All you have to do is mix the baking soda in a jar along with the essential oil of your choice and place a cloth on top. Make sure to secure the cloth with a rubber band.

Use Tea Bags To Deodorize
Other than making delicious hot or cold drinks, tea bags can be used in many ways. From depuffing your skin to cleansing your room, tea can do it all. For this specific hack, take some used tea bags and place them in spots all over inside your refrigerator. What this will do is help absorb any lingering smells and make sure your food doesn’t leave a bad scent each time you open the fridge.

Clean Your Dog’s Coat With Vinegar
We all know how revolting the smell of vinegar can be. However, it is an item that can be used for many things and is great to have in the house. If you want to keep your pup all nice and clean, mix a cup of vinegar with a quart of water. Rub it gently into your dog’s fur and then rinse it off.




Depuff Your Eyes With Metal Spoons
It’s never fun to wake up from a full night’s sleep with puffy eyes. The good news is that there’s a solution to that! Just use metal spoons. At night, put them in the fridge or in the freezer before you head to bed. In the morning, just place them gently over your eyes. The cold will tighten the skin and stimulate blood flow. Not to mention, the cold also soothes any redness or irritation.

New Uses For Baby Wipes
Of course, we all know about baby wipes and what they’re used for. However, did you know they can be used in many different ways? You can make use of them to clean a dirty computer screen or a dusty keyboard.

Don’t Throw Out Old Butter Wrappers
This hack is the money saver you’ve been waiting for! The next time you finish a stick of butter, don’t throw the wrapper out. Stick it in the fridge or freezer. When you’re cooking and need to keep the food from sticking, just use the wrapper! You won’t have to spend your hard-earned money on non-stick sprays.

Deter Bugs With Cinnamon
One of the worst things is when you have a bug infestation in your home. Thankfully, we have a solution for that now. Instead of spending money on expensive pesticides to keep bugs out, just sprinkle some cinnamon in the places you have a bug problem. Ants and cockroaches will stay away. To top it off, your house will smell like cinnamon!

Kool-Aid Powder Can Substitute For Dishwasher Detergent
This might sound like a made-up thing, but hear us out. When you mix baking soda, coarse salt, and four packets of lemonade with Kool-Aid, you’ve got yourself a DIY dishwasher detergent. One important thing to note is that it can only be made with the lemonade flavor since it has citric acid.

Soften Your Cuticles With Shampoo
You might not have thought of doing something like this, but once you give it a try, you’ll see what you’re missing! In order to make your manicure amazing, put some leftover shampoo from the bottom of your empty bottle in a bowl with warm water. Then, soak your hands in it. Doing so will allow your skin and nails to get some much-needed moisture. You also won’t have to waste any of your shampoo this way.

Reuse Cereal Bags
It’s an important thing to reduce the amount of plastic that we use on a regular basis. For this reason, this hack is a great way to reuse plastic! Don’t throw away empty cereal bags. You can reuse them for food storage. Just put things inside the bag and place them in the freezer. You can even use it as a lunch bag for work.

Chupa Chups
This famous lollipop brand has a very distinct hole at the top of each stick. Have you ever wondered why that is? Well, we now have the answer to tell you. The square hole is there to help keep the lollipop in place while the candy is being made.

At the height of sales, Heinz had 57 different varieties of food. Today, the number 57 is put on the bottle represent the best spot to hit the bottom to get the ketchup to pour out easily. It’s a very handy trick to have when you’re trying to get that last bit of ketchup out.

Staple Remover
Other than removing staples, a staple remover can be used for different purposes. One thing it can do is help you add keys to your keyring. You won’t have to break a nail or ruin your manicure to do so anymore.

Clothing Hangers
Aside from their practical uses, clothing hangers can be the perfect way to organize your jewelry without the clutter of a jewelry box. This way, you will be able to see all your necklaces and bracelets without having to detangle them.

No one wants to spend all that money to hire a professional painter when they can do it themselves. However, the main problem is when you get paint all over and your brush is soaked in paint. Use this trick: wrap a rubber band around the paint can and use it to get the excess paint off of the brush and keep the edges of the can from getting dirty.

Straws are the answer to tangled jewelry. To keep necklaces from getting all tangled, thread their chains through a straw and clasp them that way. Keep them in your suitcase when traveling and watch how much neater it will be.




Safety Pins
One annoying thing is having static on your clothing. To get rid of that, grab a safety pin. All you have to do is pin the clip to the inner seam of your pant leg. And, just like that, the static cling will be gone for good!

Plastic Water Bottle
One easy way to separate egg yolks from the white is by using a plastic water bottle. Take an empty bottle and squeeze it. Then, release the pressure slowly over the egg yolk. This will suction the yolk into the bottle and keep it there. All you have to do then is squeeze the bottle over the bowl you want to put it in.

One worry you might have while traveling is losing your earrings in your bags. To avoid that, grab a spare button you don’t need and your earrings. Store them together by clasping the earrings through the button holes. This will keep them from separating.

Eyeglass Case
To avoid losing small items while you go anywhere, you can make use of an eyeglasses case you don’t need anymore. Just use it as a storing box that will keep all those small items safe and sound. Not to mention, this is a great way to upcycle the case if you don’t need it anymore.



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