Worcestershire Sauce Fail (TEFAL)

It’s doing the rounds of the internet – an Italian YouTube chef shows how frustrating and impossible the English language can sometimes be.

In the video quite simply he just wants to say “Worcestershire Sauce”.





But Pasquale Sciarappa fails and in the end he gets fed up and comments, “I don’t know what kind of country this came from, but I’m Italian – so I’ll read in Italian now”, before pronouncing the name as it would be if it were Italian.

So we asked our voiceover actor to provide a sound file where he said it nice and clearly in British English – and he failed.

Once or twice it’s possible, but it’s easy to get tongue tied, even for a native speaker.

So let’s not be too hard on Sciarappa and do please forgive our voiceover actor who had problems too!


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