Wipeout is a simple end-of-class activity which is good for practicing pronunciation and speaking.

It is a good activity for low level classes and can be used from beginners up. It’s better with smaller classes but with a little variation can be used for large classes as well.

Start by writing up a sentence on the board. This should be of the right level and content for the class. They should be able to understand it, but make it as long as you can. A beginners class might have this:

My name is John and I’m a doctor from America.

Now randomly choose different students in the class to stand up and read the sentence. Better here to start with a couple of good students who will be able to do this well; the others in the class hear this (and your initial reading) and can use it as a model.

Once different students have said it, simply erase a word from the sentence:

My name is John and I’m a ___ from America.

Get a couple of students to stand up and read the full sentence – making sure they include the missing word.

Now erase a second word and have a couple of students read the full sentence. Then another word and then another until you have a completely blank board and students are standing up reading off a full sentence!

As you can see, this is a very good way to practice certain words or phrases or types of construction. The students learn it almost without realizing it. Suppose, for example, you have been teaching phrasal verbs then you could include a couple in a sentence and have the whole class go through repeating them.

I set off for the airport at 2 o’clock and the plane took off at four o’clock.

Variations on a Theme

You can also ask for substitute words once the class are familiar with the format and method. With the first example above, you can present the sentence:

My name is John and I’m a doctor from America.

and tell the class you’d like different professions to be used once the sentence is fully erased. See how many the class can come up with here!

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