Winter Hacks To Help Anyone Stay Cozy

It is the most beautiful time of the year for some people, but for others, it is the most uncomfortable time. Winter can be lovely because of how scenic it gets when snow sticks to the ground. You can sip on some hot chocolate with a warm blanket on you while watching the scenery. However, many people don’t like winter because of the sudden weather change and temperature drop. A decent amount of people fall sick because of this while others just catch a common cold. The weather is so bone-chilling freezing that nobody feels like taking a bath. Well, we can go on and on with the pros and cons, but that’s not the main point today. Irrespective of whether you like winter or not, it is essential to stay prepared for the harsh weather conditions and long, cold winter months. So, here are 40 hacks that will keep you cozy this winter.

Do you want to start a fire? Use duct tape!
You can use duct tape in numerous ways, but did you know that it can start a fire? Yes, indeed. Duct tape is usually used for fixing things in the house, which makes it something that is readily available. But, duct tape is also highly flammable.


Therefore, it can be beneficial if you are in the wilderness when you don’t have any flammable items, and you need a heat source to keep yourself warm. Well, it looks like we just added another benefit that duct tape is able to provide!


Squeaky clean garage
Often, bringing your vehicle to the garage after you have driven it in rain or snow could get the garage all wet and dirty because the water on the car drips onto the floor, creating a slippery surface. The good part is that you can prevent this from happening.

Start by taking pool noodles and cutting them in such a way that creates a border on the floor surrounding the vehicle. When you lay a tarp within that border, it will collect all the water that drips, thus, saving your garage floor from getting slippery and dirty.

Pool Noodles hack #2
We just saw how pool noodles could keep your floor from getting dirty and slippery. Here is another hack using pool noodles! Using this cheap object can help prevent a draft from coming in underneath your door. So, you can also cut it to strap it beneath the door, keeping the cold out.


It will trap the warm air inside. Pool noodles will also glide with ease so that they won’t get stuck while you open or close the door. It is pretty helpful if you have a heater in a bedroom and want to maintain the room’s cozy temperature.

The fan will keep you warm
It might be challenging to believe, but it’s true. What bugs most people about the winter is the cold floor which is so uncomfortable to walk on. It gets uncomfortable because the floor traps all the cold air. That’s why everybody wants to wear fuzzy slippers when it’s winter.

Similarly, the warm air gets trapped in the ceiling. So, if you turn on your fan in the reverse direction, it will direct the warm air from above to below. It does sound a bit counterintuitive, but considering that a fan only circulates air, it makes a lot of sense.

DIY bubbles
This hack has the potential of becoming a kids’ favorite. All you need is some soap and water. Mix them in a container, and if possible, find old bubble bottles so you can use the tool that comes inside them. You can now go out and blow some bubbles in the cold air. But that’s not it!

Here is where the fun begins. When the bubbles touch the ground, they will freeze and transform into a pretty aesthetic and natural winter ornament! Although it does depend on the temperature outside, this experiment will surely keep the kids occupied!

Walking 101
Here is a walking hack for those of you who tend to slip, especially in winters. The tip is that you need to channel the penguin in you. When you are in a slippery environment, try walking like penguins. They take little steps with their toes forward and their arms out.

It is a pretty helpful technique because it won’t let you slip on a sidewalk or an icy road. On second thought, it will be best to leave the arm part to science, because we for one cannot keep our arms close when we wear those thick puffer jackets.

Cooking spray to the rescue
We know that cooking spray is pretty helpful to spray on pots and pans because they prevent the food from getting sticky. What would’ve been a sticky meal now glides off the pan with no problems and no harsh mess.

You can also use cooking spray to prevent the snow from sticking to your shovel. Not only will it keep the shovel clean, but the snow will glide off the shovel just like the food you cook in a pan with cooking spray!

Not blinding lights
This one is among the most cost-effective and simple hacks to keep your windows open during the day! The sun will blaze, and the natural light will come in to keep the house warm! This hack is the best for those who don’t have heaters or other equipment and are looking to keep their home cozy.

After the sun sets, close the curtains instantly so that you can trap in as much of the warm air as possible. Remember to apply both these steps! You know that your house will become equally cold if you forget to close off the windows at night!

DIY heater
If you are active on Facebook, you must have seen those videos of people creating space heaters by themselves. The best part about this heater trend is that you can easily do it, too! Everything that is required for it is available at your nearest Dollar Store!

Start by taking a glass bowl and putting several tea-light candles in it. Then, light the candles and put a flower pot over the bowl. Make sure that the flowerpot has a hole on the bottom. In a few minutes, the heat starts radiating, and soon, the whole room will be warm!

Keep yourself warm
Yes. It is cold outside, but that doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t there. So, it is entirely safe for you to take some time to soak in some Vitamin D. The sun’s rays are crucial in winter because we don’t have much time to suck up this important nutrient.

Getting some Vitamin D will surely make anyone feel warm on the outside and the inside. It’ll be all the more comfortable when you go out in the sun after a cold night. Living in a house with plenty of windows would also be ideal in these times!

The importance of insulation
Your energy bill will indeed be drastically reduced by simply adding proper insulation to the home and attic. Additionally, if you have a garage attached to the house, you must consider insulating the garage door to trap the heat inside.

Honestly, it is common sense, and people overlook this concept. Think about it: if the insulation in the walls will prevent the cold from coming in, why shouldn’t you also consider insulating the garage door attached to the house? Extra savings!

Directing the heat
Just like light bounces off a mirror, it’ll also bounce off tinfoil. Heat also works the same way. So, here we have another common-sense hack. Suppose a person has a furnace or a wall heater and the vents face the wall. In that case, only the wall will feel all the heat.

Now, if you put tin foil behind these vents, it will bounce off from the vent to the wall and then get directed into the room. Cool, isn’t it? Don’t forget to ensure that you have a radiator for safety.

Multipurpose objects
Women will be familiar with this hack, as they typically use hot towels or blankets to ease their menstrual cramps. Some women also use warm water bottles instead of towels to ease the pain. Although women do it because of pain, it does keep their bodies warm.

So, even men can try using this trick by filling up a pouch with warm water and hugging it. It will keep their body warm during winter, and it is a pretty cost-efficient and portable hack. Many households have been practicing it for generations!

Multipurpose credit card
Many people recommend having a credit card for emergency usage. However, none of you might have thought that the emergency usage of the credit card would involve scraping ice off the window instead of making a payment!

If you forget to purchase an ice scraper before the winter, or if you misplaced it, don’t worry. This hack will help you during those times! You can pull off the same thing with a credit card and use it to scrape the ice off of your windows.

Fun fact
Garlic has many health benefits. It lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and so on. But were you aware that garlic can also boost immunity? Incorporating it into your diet during the winter will lessen the chances of you falling sick. Garlic acts as a natural antibiotic, antifungal, and antiviral.

It will help you fight the cold and flu, which is the most common during winters. We know that it doesn’t have the best smell, but so what? Have some garlic bread with pasta or pizza, or maybe put it in a soup. That’ll also do the job!

Cleaning 101
This hack is especially for those who have a fireplace at home. The best way to keep the fireplace clean is to line its bottom with tinfoil. By doing so, the ashes will fall on the foil after you burn some wood in the fireplace.

After it’s done, wait for the ashes to cool down so that you can pick up the tin foil, wrap it up in a ball and throw it away. That’s a 100/100 for efficiency! It is hassle-free, and you can also consider getting a tray for it if needed.

DIY shoe-dryer
Getting your shoes wet is absolutely the worst thing ever, be it in the rain or during the winter. Sadly, it is inevitable. The only way to not get them wet during this time is by not wearing them, but that’s not an option.

A dryer will help, but what if you don’t have one? Here is what you can do. Wrap your shoes in a newspaper the moment you walk in the door. It’ll dry the shoes without making the floor dirty or creating a muddy mess.

No heater? No problem!
If you don’t have a heater, it’s alright. One of the most famous ways to heat a house during winter is by using the oven. Not only is the oven the best way to cook food, but its heat also warms up a large part of your house. Pretty useful, eh?

This hack is best for the people living in an open concept home or studio and also for those who don’t have central heating in their houses. So, after you’re done with your meal, leave the door open and enjoy the warmth it has to offer.

Fashion hack
Winter fashion is the best because it is the most comfortable and cute. However, some of the warmest clothes are made from wool and other fabrics. These fabrics form fuzzy beads on the clothes every time you wash them, thus, taking the comfort and cuteness out of them.

Now, how should one treat this problem? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. All you need is a razor. Shave those beads whenever they are formed, and your clothes will look just like they used to! This hack is helpful throughout the year and not just in the winter!

Shower tip
Showering during winters isn’t great, but on the contrary, taking a long and hot shower is heavenly. It is the only way a person feels warm to their core when everything else around them is cold. On the downside, it can dry out the skin’s natural oils, leading to dryness.

It won’t be great, and FYI, the lotions aren’t always helpful. Therefore, if you want to keep yourself warm and maintain skin moisture, consider taking a short shower with lukewarm water. If you insist on a hot shower, make sure to replenish your body’s natural oils.

Don’t forget to close the door!
Trying to keep the house warm at times can create a stuffy atmosphere because it might feel like all the oxygen is being sucked away. Similarly, opening the window also doesn’t feel right because the warm air might go! What to do in such a situation?

Even 5 minutes of breeze from outside could be refreshing, so you can consider opening the windows every now and then. But, do not forget to close them, especially when it gets dark. This is only to make the room less stuffy.

Wool sock insert
Cold feet make it annoyingly tricky for some people to function. Also, there is not much space in the shoes for an extra layer of socks for additional warmth. In this case, a wool sock insert would help by keeping the sole warm without causing congestion in the shoe.

It will not only let a person stay warm with only one pair of socks, but the insert will also prevent the cold from getting to the bottom of the feet. The best part about the insert is that you won’t be needing those special winter shoes. What a money saver!

No pain, no gain!
Irrespective of the temperature, there are still people who want to work out, and we salute you if you are one of them. We see many of these people who head out for a jog or to the gym during the winter mornings when even the sun isn’t out yet.

Although finding a pair of running shoes isn’t enough because you need one that can withstand the snow, and that’s pretty hard. So rather than buying snowshoes or buying cleats, you can improve the shoe grip by adding screws to the bottom. Easy hack!

Cover your face!
Truth be told, we all have to wear masks when we need to step out of our houses. Earlier, it would look pretty suspicious if somebody wore a ski mask and walked around, but now, we cannot even see people’s faces because of the masks.

But, covering your face will protect you from the cold weather and also keep the face warm, even when you aren’t skiing! Although masks became all the more annoying during the summer, they’ll be pretty relieving in the winters!

Cyclist hack
This one is for those who maintain their body shape during the winters by cycling. Winter shouldn’t halt your fitness goals. Sadly, bicycles don’t have the same tread on the tires as other automobiles. How should cyclists deal with the winter then?

Here is a hack. Add several zip-ties along the rim for better traction. It will also help you stay upright and maintain balance while riding in the snow. It is a pretty cheap and easy hack to gain some traction.

Cat litter help
Sometimes the weathermen aren’t so precise when it’s going to snow, and if they are, then the temperature will always be a little off. And sometimes, people have to go to work before everyone else so that can clear the streets and pour salt on the icy road.

This is an inexpensive but efficient hack for the people who want to be safe in their own driveways or when you think it might become icy. You only need to pour some cat litter under the tires to improve the tire grip on a slippery surface!

Bathtub heater
This life hack can be annoying for the clean freaks. Nonetheless, it is still pretty effective. People turn on the oven and leave its door open when they want to keep the home warm but don’t have central heating. But, leaving warm water in the bathtub does a similar job!

It fills the house with warm air, moisture, and creates a humid environment that helps with dry skin. We told you earlier that it will upset those who can’t wait to drain the water and clean the bathtub post-usage. However, here is where you need to choose between cleanliness and dry skin prevention.

Prepping before the snow
It is possible to prevent certain areas, for instance, the front step of your door, from getting icy when it snows. For that, though, you need to take a bucket and mix it with warm water, a tablespoon of alcohol, and dish soap.

Then, pour it where everybody hates shoveling. It can be anywhere like the stairs, the sidewalk, the driveway. It will prevent that area from getting covered in ice, thus, protecting those who have to step out outside and want to avoid slips and falls!

Don’t buy new winter shows
Pool noodles to our rescue once again. We have got to say that these are some of the most versatile things. You can use pool noodles and save money by not buying a new set of winter boots. Here is how they will help.

They will keep the boots standing as they did when you bought them new, and it will also increase the life of the boot and prevent it from cracking. All of it will save you a load of money on buying new boots every year!

5-minute hack
There are numerous innovative ways to warm up your hands. You can breathe hot air on them, rub them to create friction, or, as mentioned before, hold something warm, like a cup of tea. But this hack is amazing.

You can take an old pair of long socks and use them as mittens to keep your hands warm during the winter! But, remember to cut the socks off above the ankle, or it’ll look weird on your hand! Cut a thumbhole, and you’ll have a new pair of gloves for free.

Ancient grapefruit hack
The chances of people falling sick is higher during the winter. It is why many people consider not feeling well as feeling a bit under the weather. However, here is an ancient hack that will help you out. All you need is to eat some grapefruit or buy some grapefruit seed extract.

It has multiple health benefits, from boosting immunity to preventing the bacteria from spreading. It is also pretty tasty to eat when you sprinkle some sugar on it. The ready-to-mix Emergen-C packets will do just the job for those who don’t like grapefruit.

Protect thy feet, not thy shoe
We have talked about it before. Walking in the rain or snow is pretty uncomfortable because it is cold and wet. So, rather than layering your socks for warmth, you can put a plastic sandwich bag on your feet before putting on the rain or snow boots!

It gets pretty toasty while wearing a rain slicker during the summer. Now, apply the same login in this situation. Not only will the bag keep your feet warm, but it will also keep them dry and safe from moisture!

The benefits of alcohol
Freezing alcohol is pretty challenging. It is why many people keep their vodka in the freezer because they want it icy cold, and they’re also pretty confident that it won’t freeze. But, what about the alcohol in hand sanitizer?

A hand sanitizer should constitute at least 60% alcohol. It is why it is used to thaw the ice that gets trapped in the keyholes of the car when one is trying to open a locked car door. Therefore, carrying a sanitizer with you in winters will always come in handy!

Bubble Wrap hacks
Suppose you have already saved some bubble wrap from the latest package you received. Great. If not, you can save in the future, or buy it! It comes in handy during winter. You can prevent heat from escaping by simply spraying some water on the window and sticking the bubble wrap to it!

The heat can be lost through windows. Parents need to beware that popping the bubble wrap is a noisy game for you and fun for kids. So, treat it carefully! Also, it won’t replace a heater, but it’s pretty efficient!

Lifesaving tire tracks
Do you know what’s worse than walking in the snow while your boots get dirty? Getting stuck in the snow! People are always in a hurry. Therefore, leaving a set of tire tracks in the car is a good idea if one gets in this sticky scenario.

If anybody finds themselves trapped in a situation where the tires can’t grip onto anything while driving in the snow, putting these at the back or in the front of the wheels and starting to drive will literally be a troubleshooter for the problem.

Another safety hack
These days, cars have rear-view mirror warmers for defrosting the mirrors after you start your vehicle. Often, these are pretty slow, and you might end up scraping the ice away anyway. It is time-consuming and also dangerous if it goes wrong.

Here is what you can do in this situation. Take a large sandwich bag or plastic bag and cover up the rear-view mirror. It will prevent the ice from freezing the mirror. Thus, saving you time and effort by reducing one thing from your to-do list in the mornings!

Socks and wipers
Most people leave their windshield wipers up so that they don’t stick to the windshield when there is a warning that there will be snowfall. However, here is another hack for it. Have a look at this image to understand better.

By using socks and covering the wipers, ice and snow won’t stick to the windshield wipers at all! So, if you have old or unused socks (we all do), it is time to put them to good use and save some time and money.

Taking the sun’s help
If you don’t need to reach the office early in the morning, you can take advantage of the sun’s natural thawing effects. The sun rises in the east. Therefore, parking the vehicle in such a way that it faces east will be great since the sun will thaw out the frost on the windshield!

It will prevent you from taking a lot of time out in the morning for scraping the frost before going to work or dropping the kids off at school. This life hack uses nature. Therefore, it is free, and it saves both time and money!

DIY healthy bath bombs
Catching the cold and flu during the winter actually takes the fun out of the season. The difficulty to breathe, the sinuses acting up, the congestion, headaches, and all of that are just terrible. But, you can get well by using bath bombs!

Not the normal ones, though. We’re talking about something else. Start by taking three tablespoons of Vicks VapoRub and add it to a mix of cornstarch and water. After it gains the right texture, roll it into a ball and let it cool down. After it hardens, put it in the shower and let it do its magic!

CaCl2 wonders
Holding a bottle of warm water, a cup of tea, or anything of that sort will warm your hands. But, can you think of anything else that’ll do the same job? You’ll be surprised to know that all you need is some calcium chloride for this experiment!

Put it into a small sandwich bag, then take some water and put it in a larger sandwich bag. After filling both bags, put the smaller bag in the larger one, and voila! You now have a DIY hand warmer. It will last for a while, so don’t worry!


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