Where have You Taught English?

Anyone who has taught English abroad knows that TEFL is a fantastic way to travel and experience life in different countries.

I started teaching three weeks after I graduated from university. I got on a plane and headed off to Spain and the start of an incredible journey which has seen me working in Spain, Italy, Thailand, India, Tunisia, Mexico and the UK.

I’ve had classes of 40 students; one-to-one lessons with an heir to the throne; lessons with a shepherd; ridden a camel; eaten a camel (not the same one); traveled in the back of a military truck (great fun!); got lost in the mountains; been interviewed on local TV; fallen in love (several times); and had a deluge of experiences most people can’t even imagine.

Anyone who has taught English abroad knows that this is what happens.

But how about you? Just how many countries have you taught in? What have you done? What were the highs and lows?

Take a quick vote on our poll and then use the comments box to tell us more…

How many Countries have you Taught in?

Comment below and let us know.

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