Times Disney Animators Had A Dirty Mind

Ever since Disney released its first feature-length movie, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs in 1937, it was clear that the company was and still is to this day, the most popular major motion picture company when it comes to making family-friendly films. Or so we thought that’s what their movies were! It turns out throughout the years, many viewers have caught multiple hidden sexual images, phrases, scenes, and artwork that have made Disney fans question if these films should actually be rated PG as they are advertised. After all, what’s the fun in following the rules all the time anyway? We’re guessing Disney may have been thinking of the motto, “any publicity is good publicity” when it comes to the discovery of all of the NSFW content.

From dancing naked women in the 1940’s classic Fantasia, to Buzz Lightyear’s male member getting a little too excited at the site of a pretty girl in Toy Story 2, to a full-frontal shot of Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, there’s no possible way that the creators of these movies didn’t realize just exactly what they were doing.

But hey, if parents have to sit through watching Frozen for the 300th time and hear their kids sing along to “Let it Go” in the car, at home, in the grocery store, and just about everywhere else in between, they better at least be able to enjoy the movie themselves and laugh at all of the inappropriate parts, right? So with that thought in mind, here are 15 times Disney went too far.

The Little Mermaid
If you look closely in the background at King Triton’s extravagant castle, the fortress is made out of more than just golden sparkly columns. Smack dab in the middle of the shiny gold castle, a phallic-shaped column can be seen glistening in the sunlight. One rumor is that the illustrator in charge of the promotional artwork was in a hurry to finish the piece in time and didn’t even notice that he created the NSFW image shaped like a penis. Another rumor is that he knew he was on the way to being fired and purposely drew the penis column before he had to hit the road. It’s said that the phallic-shaped column went completely unnoticed for about a year before anyone spotted the scandalous artwork.


Peter Pan
We all know that Neverland is a place where children are supposed to stay young forever and never grow up, right? Well, it looks like Peter did some growing up on his own in one of the scenes from the classic movie Peter Pan. If you thought that Peter Pan not being able to catch his shadow was weird enough, just wait. In one of the scenes where Peter Pan is chasing his shadow around the house, his shadow on the wall seems to leave nothing to the imagination. In the scene, Peter is trying to catch his shadow, meanwhile dancing and running all over the childrens’ bedroom. In one particular frame, Peter Pan can be seen with his arms extended out to the side while one leg is up in the air. If you look closely, there appears to not only be the outline of Peter’s body but also the shadow of his man parts.


The Lion King (Again!)
Looks like The Lion King had sexual images hidden throughout the movie as well as the promotional and advertising content. The 2002 re-release of the 1994 Disney classic caused major controversy when fans noticed the promotional poster for the movie revealed a lot more than a lion’s face. When first looking at the artwork, you may see the large face of Mufasa in the clouds with Simba looking up at him. Not so fast- look a little closer! When focusing on Mufasa, there appears to be a semi-naked woman turned around wearing a thong, revealing her rear end. Mufasa’s nose and mouth make up the woman’s behind, while his eyebrows and hairline make up her arms and hair. Once you see the barely-dressed outline of the woman, you won’t be able to see anything else! We’re guessing the actual re-release of the film wasn’t the only thing that Lion King fans couldn’t keep their eyes off of.


Mickey Mouse Bladid
In the European Disney movie, Mickey Mouse Bladid, there seems to be an issue with the movie’s cover art. When you first look at the picture, you may just see a very innocent and kid-friendly image of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. In the picture, Mickey Mouse is seen with his arm around Minnie, while she is hugging him tightly with both of her arms. When you take a look at the drawing of the classic Disney duo, you’ll notice Mickey looks as though he’s holding a lot more than just his significant other. If you look at Minnie’s blue dress that she’s wearing, you’ll notice that it’s shaped an awful lot like a man’s private area. And with Mickey’s firm grip on it with his mouth open wide, it sure doesn’t leave much to the imagination once you notice the NFSW image. Here’s to hoping Minnie never gives Mickey blue balls like in the picture…

The Lion King
Another classic Disney movie that has been said to have a hidden sexual message in it, is the 1994 family favorite The Lion King. While the flirty tension between Nala and Simba isn’t hidden throughout the whole film, there is a small part that goes a little farther than any kid-friendly movie should. In the scene right before Simba meets Rafiki, he plops down on the edge of a cliff to take a break, stirring up a bunch of leaves in the sky. If you look close enough, this cloud of dust looks as though it spells out S-E-X in the sky. Although, to be fair, the other rumor is that the special effects team wanted to subtly make their mark in the film as well and the leaves actually spell out S-F-X. Whatever the word may be, we’re guessing that whoever was in charge of that scene, wasn’t in charge of the next movie Disney released.


The Rescuers Down Under
Twenty one years too late, Disney recalled the home video version of the classic The Rescuers due to an extremely NSFW image hidden in the film. As New York city mice, Bianca and Bernard are traveling around the Big Apple on the back of their means of transportation, an Albatross named Orville, an image of a naked woman can be seen for a few seconds on the screen. Looking down to the left of Bianca around 38 minutes into the film, you can see what appears to be a completely topless women in the window of a building. The scandalous image appears again in the film a few frames later, as the two mice pass by the building. During the recall, Disney assured viewers that the images were inserted in post-production and not by the Disney animators. All in all, over three million copies of the original video were recalled.


Aladdin And The King Of Thieves
In the last movie in Disney’s Aladdin trilogy, Aladdin and The King of Thieves, there is a hidden line in the dialogue that kids won’t necessarily catch on to, but parents certainly will. In the movie, Aladdin and Jasmine are in the middle of getting married when suddenly there is an earthquake. During the rumble, Genie references sex in a very subtle but obvious (to most adults) kind of way. In the movie, Genie references a bride and groom’s first night together after getting married, which in many cases is a night filled with very little sleep…if you know what we mean. “I thought the Earth wasn’t supposed to move until the honeymoon,” he said while slightly panicking because of the shaking ground. Let’s hope no kids caught on to the sexual reference and Disney gave parents a good laugh…or hey, maybe even took them back to memories of the ground shaking on their own wedding night.


The Little Mermaid (Again!)
Well, it seems as though the penis-shaped golden castle wasn’t the only NSFW thing included in the Disney Classic The Little Mermaid. At the end of the oh-so-popular love story, Ariel and Prince Eric decide to live their happily-ever-after lives and decide to tie the knot. And it seems as though the two lovebirds aren’t the only ones excited about the nuptials. In one of the scenes in the flick, where Ariel and Prince Eric are standing on a boat saying their vows, a priest accompanies them. As the priest helps the couple with their vows and recites the words “dearly beloved,” it seems as though he can’t quite contain his enthusiasm in his pants. And a bulge between his legs can be clearly scene throughout several of the scenes. Disney claims it was nothing other than the priest’s knees…but many viewers think otherwise.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
As if the scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? where Jessica Rabbit gets thrown out of the car, when it hits a light pole, wasn’t dramatic and over-the-top enough, Disney went ahead and added something a bit raunchy to the chaotic scene. It looks like her life flashing before her eyes wasn’t the only thing that flashed on screen when Jessica Rabbit was ejected from the vehicle. As she tumbles to the ground, Roger’s rather sexy girlfriend flashes movie watchers a complete view of her lady parts, making it known that she is not wearing any underwear under her form-fitting red dress. The scene completely exposes her, leaving her disheveled and scrambling to pull herself together after the wreck. This time Disney couldn’t save the cartoon beauty from embarrassment, but maybe next time they’ll think more practically when it comes to wardrobe malfunctions…we’re going to guess Roger Rabbit didn’t mind though!


The Incredibles
What’s better than a classic movie that the kids will enjoy? A classic movie that the kids will enjoy but parents can enjoy too…thanks to the hidden PG-13 jokes. And with the family-favorite The Incredibles, that’s just what you’ll get. In one action-packed scene, Elastigirl, comes out of nowhere and takes out a bad guy that Mr. Incredible was trying to fight off. After the villain is knocked out, Mr. Incredible insists to Elastigirl that he could have done the deed all on his own and doesn’t need her help when it comes to fighting crime. At that moment, Elastigirl pulls herself close to Mr. Incredible’s face and says “I think you need to be more flexible,” before flipping over him and sliding through his legs. Elastigirl’s flirting definitely struck a chord with Mr. Incredible, as he suddenly asks “What are you doing later?” Elastigirl insists she already has a “previous engagement,” before strutting away. Talk about a tease!


The number one rule for just about all of the time, that most/if not all children are taught while growing up, is to never ever take candy from a stranger, especially a stranger in a car! And what do you know…Disney/Pixar’s Cars, goes against everything parents have taught their kids in one subtle scene. In the scene in the wildly popular flick, where all the cars are congregated in one big group, you will notice Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson are in the front, but look a little closer. Amongst all of the other cars, there seems to be one creepy mobile that catches your eye. On the left side of the group, stands a windowless van that says “Free Candy” on the side. We doubt a ton of people have noticed it, especially kids, but we can’t blame those who have for being just a little bit creeped out by it!


Arguably one of the coolest/scariest animated movies that Disney has ever created is the 1940’s classic Fantasia. For some, it’s hard to keep up with everything going on in each scenes, from living brooms, to dancing hippos, to boobs? Yep, that’s right, boobs. Lots and lots of them can be seen throughout the movie. In the scene where the female centaurs are dancing around and dressing up for the male centaurs, they can also be seen bathing completely topless underneath a waterfall. Another scene, that exposes breasts, is a much more intense and frightening one. In the “Night on Bald Mountain” sequence, there are several shots where naked woman in fire can be seen dancing around the devil, as well as a completely topless demon that flies away at the end. Here’s to hoping kids ask minimal questions after watching Fantasia, because we don’t want to have to answer them!


Toy Story 2
Who would have thought that toys can get turned on? Well, Disney/Pixar did it again in the sequel to Toy Story, Toy Story 2. In the movie, Buzz Lightyear makes it a little too obvious that he can’t contain his excitement for Jessie. In an effort to let the barking dog out of the room that all the toys are in, cowgirl Jessie takes one for the team and shows off her agility skills as she skateboards down a ramp and flies through the air, landing on the doorknob to let the pooch out. Watching the whole thing unfold, Buzz Lightyear is purely amazed at Jessie’s skills….maybe even a little too much. As she completes the task perfectly, Buzz’s jaw drops and his wings shootout…very similar to when a guy gets turned on, if you know what we’re saying. Disney/Pixar even went so far as to add a “spring” noise for added effect…as if we didn’t get the picture already. I think it’s safe to say kids may not have necessarily caught on to the subtle sexual scene, but parents sure did.

We’re definitely not able to “Let It Go” when it comes to this next hidden Disney sexual reference. In the ever-so-popular movie Frozen – yeah, the one that every child between the ages of 2-10 years old can repeat every single line from, there seems to be a sexual reference about the size of a certain male body part. In the scene where Kristoff and Anna are discussing Ana’s obsession with Hans, he’s quick to turn the tables on Ana and questions her on how well she actually really knows him. During the argument, Kristoff asks a slew of rapid-fire questions including what his last name is, in which case she replies “…of the Southern Isles,” proving she doesn’t exactly know him as well as she leads on that she does. And at another point, Kristoff asks what Hans’ shoe size is…and everyone knows that this is referring to the size of his male member, to which Anna shyly replies, “Shoe size doesn’t matter.” It actually does, Anna…it actually does.

The Emperor’s New Groove
Okay, okay, we think Disney got pretty clever and punny with this next inappropriate scene from a movie. In a scene from the Emperor’s New Groove, Kronk can be seen trying to camp outside, but failing miserably as he is shown lying on the ground without much shelter and protection over him. The punny and hidden joke around this is that it appears he has “pitched a tent” (one that is entirely too small for him) that happens to be placed right over his man parts. Pitched a tent…get it? Anyway, looks like whatever went on in the tiny tent, made Kronk fall fast asleep. Way to go Disney for being super subtle about this one- we’re sure parents appreciated the humor and even more so that it probably went over their kids’ heads and they didn’t have to do any awkward explaining to them!


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