This Will Revolutionize Teaching

For years they’ve been telling us that new technology will revolutionize teaching.

First it was film. Then radio. Then TV. Then video. Then computers. Then MOOCs…

And they were wrong. Wrong every time. Wrong all the time.

In this insightful video from Derek Muller he explains that the reason why all these ideas failed was simple: they got the role of a teacher wrong.

You see, according to Muller a teacher isn’t there to teach but to facilitate learning. A teacher’s main role isn’t to stuff a students’ head full of information but instead to help the student learn how to learn.

Which is what we at IWeb TEFL – along with many others – have known for years.

In an earlier blog (link below) I argued that the reason that MOOCs are all but dead in the water was the lack of people-to-people contact. Some argued with me on this but the facts speak for themselves.

This is why uniquely amongst online TEFL course providers, we have always given every student a personal tutor to work with them through the course.

Because it’s hard to learn from information alone, you need someone there to guide you. We believe this and so does Muller.

So check out this great video and let us know what you think.

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