TEFL Job Sites

There are a several good job sites for TEFL teachers. There are also a lot of terrible sites which charge money to join and offer nothing in return.

The sites we list on this page have been carefully reviewed by our expert panel and offer worthwhile jobs for TEFL teachers.

If you are looking for work, remember it’s worth going back to these sites on a daily basis.

For more information on finding work, submitting your CV/Resume and suchlike, see our Finding TEFL Jobs section.

TEFL Job Sites

Site name – Notes
ESL Base – Limited number of jobs.
Jobs.ac.uk – Usually higher level academic jobs either in the UK or abroad. Often these are for international schools and higher positions. The British Council‏‎ advertise some positions here.
TEFL.com – Often highly rated, it has jobs particularly in Europe and the UK. However, very poorly laid out site and difficult to find good information once you’re there due to excessive advertisements littering the place, some for dubious schools making outrageous claims!
Dave’s ESL Café – The site is pretty poor, however they do have lots of jobs here. You will need to check them carefully because the site posts all sorts of rubbish and the jobs are not checked. This means you’ll see jobs with sub-standard conditions, low pay, high agent fees and so on. The jobs are definitely quantity and not quality! Avoid the forums; too much bullying.
TEFL Jobs World – Limited number of jobs but they do include jobs from around the world.
ESL Employment – One or two jobs added per week.

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IWeb TEFL Jobs Pageclick here to visit our jobs page.

IWeb TEFL Classifieds Pageclick here to visit our classifieds page.

Note: if you would like to suggest another site for TEFL jobs, do please contact us. Our experts will check the site out and, if it’s decent, include it here.

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