Teaching English in Romania

Romania is a stunningly beautiful country and has a reputation for giving a warm and friendly reception to foreigners. Since the fall the USSR and Romania entering the European Union‏‎, English has taken over as the predominant language taught in schools.

State schools begin teaching English to students from the age of 9 and many Romanians speak the language well. Although teaching is fairly traditional (grammar translation‏‎ is still popular) and facilities are often very basic, there is great enthusiasm to learn.

Qualifications to teach in Romania

To teach in a state school you will need at least a BA degree; you may also need an Masters to teach older students. However there are very few jobs available here for foreign teachers.

A more popular route is teaching in a private language school. Here you will require a BA degree and a TEFL Certificate such as the IWeb TEFL Certificate. You will also need to have a passport from an EU member state – almost always this means teachers in Romania are from the UK or Ireland‏‎.

In the past the Peace Corps‏‎ were very strong in brining teachers to Romania however the numbers of teachers they take over has dropped off in recent years.

Pay & Cost of Living

Pay is not high in Romania and although the cost of living is fairly low, salaries are also fairly low. This means that it’s not a country where you can expect to make and save a lot of money.

Pay begins at about 1,100 RON or €250 ($316 USD, £201) per month, rising to about 2,000 RON or €440 ($556 USD, £354). Of this the biggest expense will likely be accommodation which can take up 50% of your pay. Taxation is 16%.

A work permit to teach here costs about €200 ($253 USD, £161) which the teacher will be expected to pay for.

You may be able to pick up private lessons which start around 25 RON or €5.5 ($7 USD, £4) per hour.

The school year‏‎ begins in September and runs till June. There are sometimes vacancies for work in January.

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