Teaching English in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country with a healthy tourist industry attracting thousands of foreigners every year. People visit Ireland not only for its natural beauties and historical heritage but also to learn English where English is spoken.

NB for simplicity, we are talking about both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as “Ireland”.

Where to Teach

The majority of English language schools are in the capital of the Republic, Dublin. However teaching opportunities outside the capital are easy to find in the summer when the beautiful Irish countryside attracts many English students from abroad.

TEFL positions can be found in private language schools, colleges and universities. Demand for English teachers is higher from June through to September.

One of the advantages of applying for work in Ireland is that that almost every language school has its own website. Jobs are advertised on the net and online applications are welcome.

So the best way to go about finding yourself a job in Ireland is doing a job search online and sending out your TEFL/TESOL CV/Résumé to as many English language schools as you can find.

Though you will be able to go through most of the application process via email you will eventually be asked to go for a face-to-face interview.

Requirements & Pay

Schools standards are fair and generally you can expect a sufficient number of teaching hours, good hourly teaching rates and professional working conditions and benefits. In addition, many schools reward loyalty and good service by offering permanent positions with contracts and promotions to senior teaching positions.

Standard minimum requirements are a degree and a TEFL Certificate. Anything above that, including experience or higher level qualifications, will ensure better pay and conditions.

Salaries will vary according to qualifications and experience but on average you can expect to earn around €15 ($19 USD, £12) an hour and work up to 30 hours per week giving around €1800 ($2275 USD, £1448) per month.

Life in Dublin as in many Western European capital cities is expensive. If you want your teaching wage to stretch further then you should look for accommodation outside the city where you can rent a small place for around €400 ($506 USD, £322) per month.

Visa Issues

If you have an European Union passport, you can find work without having to secure a visa. The Student Work Abroad Program is another option for securing permission to work in Ireland. However it must be said that EU passport holders stand greater chances to find employment than teachers from outside the EU. Although, if you are well qualified and your profile happens to fit all the school’s requirements then you’ll have good chances of being considered for a position despite not being an EU citizen.

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