Teaching English in Cyprus

Working as an English teacher in Cyprus means holding a degree and a TESL/TEFL Certificate, which is a pretty standard set of qualifications for the industry, but then experience is also required in most places. Teaching children in Cyprus is big business as parents want to get their little ones ready for state school – they start leaning English in public schools when they are around 9 years old.

Being part of the EU means you do not need a work permit if you come from another EU country.


Working Conditions

The school year is from late September to early July. The hot summer weather means most schools are closed in August. The best time to look for work is just before the new school year starts. Walking in on a school on spec will yield the best results. Forget about sending written applications, unless you are replying to a specific job post!

Children start learning English at around 9 years old in small, private schools. Most of the students you teach will be aged between 9 – 16.

Pay can be around 1300 euro per month but there are regulated bonuses which mean you get paid an extra month’s salary during the year.


Cyprus is a free and easygoing place, where 90% of the population speaks some English. Be prepared for a very slow pace and people with very different work ethic!

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