Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song) Lyrics and Actions

Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song) Lyrics and Actions

♫ Goodnight to you. Goodnight to me. [Place one elbow on top of one hand and then lower the other hand to the other elbow, gesturing a setting sun.]
Now close your eyes and go to sleep. [Close your eyes and then rest your head against your hands.]
Goodnight. [Make the setting sun gesture.]
Sleep tight. [Hold your fists up to your chin as if you are snuggling with a blanket.]
Sweet dreams tonight. [Keeping your arms snuggled close to you, look up as if you are looking at your dreams in a thought bubble.]
I love you. [Point to self, hug yourself, and then point to the child. Or, make the American Sign Language sign for “I love you.”] ♫





Mama bear is watching over her baby bear as they settle in for a night’s sleep. She thinks back to the day they had together, exploring their forest home. This beautiful lullaby is perfect for bedtime, naptime, or quiet time.


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