Study Skills

Study Skills are those skills useful for students at university, college, and suchlike to increase their ability to study and pass exams.

They range from organizing and retaining information to understanding assessments; from effective reading to concentration techniques; from examination taking techniques to time management.

With EFL/ESL students who want to go and study abroad this needs to be taken a step further as they will need to know enough English not only to do well in class, but also outside it.

Some of the tasks related to their studies which they will need to be able to carry out may include:

  • asking about homework
  • understanding assignments
  • summarizing
  • reading a syllabus
  • efficient note taking
  • attending students meetings
  • making a presentation

Planning for an EAP lesson

Study Skills are often included in EAP curricula. So when planning for such lessons, think about what your students will need to do on a daily basis in English and plan for that.

Above all get them used to using English as a tool to get things done instead of having them study it as an abstract subject, like Latin or Philosophy.

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