Street Food Tour in Udon Thani

Ultimate Thai Street Food Tour!! POPEYE SAUSAGE + Crazy Jungle Salad! | Udon Thani, Thailand!

We’re going on an ultimate Street Food Tour in Udon Thani!

UDON THANI, THAILAND (อุดรธานี) – Udon Thani is one of the major cities of Isan, in the northeastern region of Thailand. It’s one of the best cities for Isan (Lao) food and today we’re going on an ultimate and unforgettable Thai street food tour – we’ll eat some of the best street food in the city!

Thank you to Chef Num from Samuay & Sons for taking us to the morning market and the amazing laap duck restaurant.

We started this ultimate Thai street food tour of Udon Thani at the bustling morning market. It’s always great to walk around the morning market to see the mix of ingredients, what’s available and what goes into the local cuisine. For breakfast we stopped to eat a bowl of Vietnamese noodles called Bun Moc (Price – 25 THB ($0.83). There’s a long history with Vietnam also in Udon Thani and throughout Isan. This bowl of noodles was delicious, using soft rice noodles, pork meatballs, and a tart tomato broth. Next street food stall at the market, we tried the most genius sausage ever, from mixed with spices and restuffed.

Taew Laap Bet (แต๋วลาบเป็ด) – Chef Num took us to one of his favorite restaurants in Udon Thani, a shophouse specializing in all things duck – and were talking from the flippers to the beak and everything in between. But their most famous dish is their laap, a minced meat mixture that includes spices and herbs, and ehtie version, with raw duck blood. Total price – 535 THB ($17.84)

Som Tam Benjang (ส้มตำเบญจางค์ ) – You cannot go to Udon Thani without eating green papaya salad, or Isan Lao style pounded salads, and Som Tam Benjang (ส้มตำเบญจางค์) is one of the best places in the city. They make it look effortless, pounding mounds of chilies, shreds of papaya, and fermented fish sauce into a harmony and overdose of flavor. Amazing salads, don’t miss it when you’re in Udon Thani. Total price – 280 THB ($9.34)

Pa Noi Noodles (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวป้าน้อย) – Finally to end this ultimate Thai street food tour of Udon Thani in Isan, we’re going to eat at Pa Noi Noodles (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวป้าน้อย), legendary braised beef noodles. Along with the amazingly tender and flavorful beef, one of the best things about this restaurant is that you get roasted chilies and chili paste to eat with your noodles. Price – 50 THB ($1.67)

And that completes this Thai / Lao ultimate street food tour. Have an amazing time eating when you’re in Udon Thani!





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