Street Food – The ULTIMATE Filipino Food Tour of Quezon City

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Philippines Street Food – The ULTIMATE Filipino Food Tour of Quezon City, Metro Manila!


First of all, I want to say a big thank you to my friend Reby for accompanying Ying and I on this Filipino street food tour of Quezon City. She loves to eat, and she’s just an awesome person!

Quezon City is a city next to Manila, and it’s actually a bigger city than Manila, but it’s part of Manila. So for this Filipino street food tour, I met up with my great friend Reby, who is from Quezon City, and we hit the streets to find some incredibly delicious food. Here’s everywhere we went and the dishes that we ate.

University of the Philippines Diliman – The University of the Philippines is known throughout Manila for its street food stalls, mainly because lots of students gather on campus to enjoy delicious food and hang out.

Rodic’s Diner – Tapsilog – 95 PHP ($1.91) – We began at Rodic’s Diner a legendary diner at University of Philippines and tried their legendary tapsilog. This is a well known Filipino food dish that includes cured carabao (water buffalo) meat, topped over rice, with a fried egg on top as well. It makes a great breakfast dish, and it was a great way to start the day off with. Outside of the student center, you’ll find some other Filipino street food carts selling snacks like cheese ice cream (20 PHP ($0.40) and cheese corn (20 PHP ($0.40).

Mang Larry’s Isawan (Isaw – 60 PHP ($1.21) total) – Probaby the most famous street food at University of Philippines in Quezon City is Mang Larry’s Isawan, a stall that serves grilled skewers of mostly pig and chicken intestines. The intestines and nice and clean, and grilled over hot fire, before you get them. When you get your skewers, you dip them in vinegar, or more like drown them in vinegar, and eat. They were truly incredible, like little bites of hollow crunchy sausage.

Lagro Market – Continuing our Filipino street food tour of Quezon City, Reby brought us to a local market called Lagro Market. As soon as we arrived I noticed one of the coolest rotisserie chicken street food carts that I’ve ever seen, and we had to make a stop and try some of their chicken (lechon manok (roast chicken). The chicken was alright, a little dry, but tasty, and the setting and atmosphere, plus the chicken street food cart, was very cool. Half chicken – 85 PHP ($1.71).

Buko (30 PHP ($0.60) – Buko is the word for young coconut, and there’s nothing more refreshing than a young coconut on the streets of Manila.

Mango shrimp paste (7 PHP ($0.14) per piece) – Although this is a humble easy Filipino street food snack, it’s one of my favorites. A sour green mango is cut, then topped with spicy shrimp paste and you eat it like a caramel apple.

Marawi, Mindanao, Philippines Food – We ended this Filipino food tour by going to a random street food stall that we came across, located across the street from the market. The little stall was serving a type of cuisine from Marawi, located on the Southern Philippines island of Mindanao. It was also Halal food, and they had a variety of typical Filipino food dishes like adobo, but also some Filipino dishes I had never tried before due to the regional differences. Although it looks simple and humble, Reby, Ying and I, all thought the food was fantastic. These are the type of street food stalls that I love to eat at most! Total price – 230 PHP ($4.62)

Thank you again to Reby for showing us around and for the delicious Filipino food tour of Quezon City!




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