November 8 Birthdays

November 8th Birthdays

  1. DanTDM, YouTube Star
  2. Hannah Rylee, TikTok Star
  3. Naz Norris,YouTube Star
  4. Gordon Ramsay, Chef
  5. Jade Pettyjohn, TV Actress
  6. SZA, Pop Singer
  7. Jack Riyn, TikTok Star
  8. Nick Mara, Dancer
  9. Matilda Ramsay, Chef
  10. Erica Mena, Model
  11. Riker Lynch, Bassist
  12. Lesane Casino, Rapper
  13. Jasmine Orlando, TikTok Star
  14. Jasmine Thompson, Pop Singer
  15. Tayson Madkour, Instagram Star
  16. Alyssa Mikesell, YouTube Star
  17. Dallin Lambert, YouTube Star
  18. Tech N9ne, Rapper
  19. Damon Fizzy, YouTube Star
  20. Connor Cain, TV Actor
  21. Masashi Kishimoto, Comic Book Artist
  22. Zach Charlson, TikTok Star
  23. Cornell Ross, Instagram Star
  24. Jeremiah Perkins, TV Actor
  25. Sophie Kasaei, Reality Star
  26. Parker Posey, Movie Actress
  27. Lauren Alaina, Country Singer
  28. Benjamin King, TV Actor
  29. Sophie Giraldo, YouTube Star
  30. Parker Sopo Squad,YouTube Star
  31. Sayria Jade, YouTube Star
  32. Benjamin Wadsworth, TV Actor
  33. Can Yaman, TV Actor
  34. Zahara Juarez, TikTok Star
  35. Khia, Rapper
  36. Giancarlo Stanton, Baseball Player
  37. Jessica Lowndes, TV Actress
  38. Lisa Peachy, Twitch Star
  39. Tara Reid, Movie Actress
  40. Gigi Gonzalez, Instagram Star
  41. ItsOwen, YouTube Star
  42. Dania Ramírez, TV Actress
  43. David Muir, Journalist
  44. Peter van Pels (1926-1945)
  45. Alejandro Arredondo, YouTube Star
  46. D Starr, Rapper
  47. Faith Seci, TV Actress
  48. Eat with Que, YouTube Star

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