National Daughters Day

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National Daughters Day on September 25 is a day to celebrate and cherish our daughters who bring so much love and into our lives. Although we don’t really need a reason to celebrate our children, it’s nice to be given the opportunity to pay our daughters some extra attention and show them how much they are loved.

The National Daughters Day in the United States is September 25th each year. This day celebrates people’s awareness of giving birth to girls instead of boys. The original reason for the creation of a national or international girl’s festival was to eliminate the stigma of giving birth to girls instead of boys in most countries. This is a day to cherish our daughter. However, developed countries celebrated the day of giving birth and raising daughters with joy. Parents are blessed to have children, whether they are men or women or others. Therefore, every day should be cherished. However, it is good to set aside a day to commemorate them.








Why We Celebrate National Daughters Day:
On National Daughter Day we remember to show unconditional love to the guardian of our family trust, our beautiful, witty, creative, and sometimes, demanding daughters. For aging parents, especially, a daughter maintains a level of connectivity and commitment that keeps families together and healthy. (Of course, that’s not to say that sons don’t do their part. But today, we’re talking exclusively about daughters!)

This time of year is a great time to be a daughter. Not long after National Daughters Day comes National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day. Yep, October 6 is an entire day devoted to daughters getting some extra pocket money from their parents. If you parents don’t believe in this holiday then you’d better forward it on and set them straight!


History of National Daughters Day
The National Daughters Day originated in India. Archies Limited invented National Daughters Day. They created this festival to raise awareness and promote that daughters in certain areas of India are considered a burden, not as imbalanced as their sons. Parents in developing countries tend to prefer their sons and disrespect their daughters. The purpose of this holiday is to encourage people to show their daughters that they are proud and loved by their daughters.

The problem of gender imbalance also exists in the United States. For many years, women have been discriminated against and face greater obstacles than men. For example, issues such as the gender pay gap are still very common today. In the United States, National Daughters Day is a day for parents to show their importance to their daughters. It is also a day for educating them to gain power and know that they are as good as men.

Importance of National Daughters Day
It is very important for daughters to feel valued in the family, because often in single-parent families, or families with many children but the parents cannot afford the children, the responsibility of caring for the children and the family falls on the eldest daughter. When the adults are away, many times, this is what makes the family run smoothly. Daughters also often establish strong bonds with their parents and usually take care of their parents when they grow up.










Celebration of National Daughters Day
What do they want to do? Maybe go shopping. If the weather is good, they may want to go outside. This is a great opportunity to learn more about your daughter and her interests. Celebrate with food to make any occasion special. Baking together in the kitchen for a day is a great way to combine and at the same time teach your girl new skills. Let your daughter choose the dinner they want or take them to their favorite restaurant.

At the same time, your daughters may just want to stay alone and do their own thing today. Allowing them to have their own independence is important, and you can express appreciation for them, just show that you respect them.


Children are a blessing, whether they are boys, girls, or others. They should be cherished every day, but it is especially good to set aside a day to commemorate them. After all, there are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to celebrate their parents.



National Daughters Day Activities
Father-daughter Fun
This is a major event in many communities. On National Daughters Day, after enjoying a delicious dinner in the main hall, the father and daughter can enjoy the time by doing some funny childish activities and this will always be a golden memory for you.


Reading Some Influential Books
National Daughters Day is a great time to read any influential book such as “Little Women” and “Anne Frank’s Diary”. This book gives us the opportunity to read the thoughts and dreams of our daughter facing an incredible situation.

Let her take the lead
Since National Daughters Day is about how great our daughter is, consider asking your daughter to tell you what she wants to do today. However, if your daughter just wants to play with her staff, let her choose. This is her day!





How To Observer #NationalDaughtersDay
Share the day with your daughter. Look back on memories or create new ones. Some other ways to celebrate the day include:


  • Send your daughter a card.
  • Take a selfie every year on National Daughter’s Day. Over the years, you will be able to see how much she and you have changed.
  • Donate to an organization that supports educating daughters. For example, Women One provides support to women and girls worldwide. Another is Helping Women Period which supplies feminine products worldwide.
  • Teach your daughter something new. Whether it’s useful or fun, practical or vital, your daughter will appreciate you for it.
  • Learn something from your daughter. Our daughters’ growing catalog of experiences offers us a treasure trove of information that they will gladly share with us.

While you’re celebrating daughters and YOUR daughter, be sure to share your day with us, too. Use #NationalDaughtersDay to post on social media all the ways you celebrate.




What’s The Difference Between National Daughters Day and National Son and Daughter Day?
We might view this in the context of the #metoo movement — especially in the U.S. Women have faced daunting obstacles throughout American history. From the very beginning, society viewed women as inferior to men. “The law did not recognize wives’ independence in economic, political, or civic matters in Anglo-American society of the eighteenth century.” Male privilege dominated at the time. This is a much-needed time to focus on girls alone.

With so much emphasis historically placed on the importance of sons (especially in the area of inheritance), the status of having a daughter has often been diminished. In royalty, lines of succession have always flowed from father to son. This tradition still stands with today’s British Royal Family. (And who knows, maybe that should change, giving the women a chance. We think royal sons and daughters should work it out on the soccer field. Then, it’s winner take all— including the crown!)

Now that you’re feeling all warm inside, check out this video from September 18, 2019 showing how one daughter lit up her dad’s life — and then broke his heart — all within seven seconds:


National Daughters Days Around the World
Japan – Children’s Day – A day where the Japanese celebrate their children. – May 5
Mexico – Children’s Day – A day for Mexicans to celebrate their children. – April 30
Pakistan – Children’s Day – A day for the people of Pakistan to celebrate their children. – July 1
Brazil – Children’s Day – A day for Brazilians to celebrate their children – October 12
Columbia – Children’s Day – A day for Colombians to celebrate their children. – July 29



National Daughters Day Traditions
The main tradition for National Daughters Day is to treat your daughter well! Do something that she enjoys. Whether it is going out for a meal, going to watch a movie, and playing a game at home, do something that you know your daughter or daughters enjoy and make them feel special.

National Daughters Day By Numbers
30% – More time girls aged 5 to 9 spend on household chores than boys globally.
164 – The number of doors a teenage daughter will slam over the course of a year.
257 – The number of fights a teenage daughter will have with her siblings during a year.
123 – The number of times a teenage daughter will cry over a boy over the course of a year.
39% – Of expectant mothers would prefer a daughter
18% – Of expectant mothers would prefer a son
65 million – Girls throughout the globe who aren’t in school
61% – Of young people who cannot read or write are women






National Daughters Day is a day to celebrate and cherish the daughter who has brought so much love to our lives. Although we really don’t need a reason to celebrate our children, we are happy to have the opportunity to give our daughters some extra attention and show them how much they are loved.

National Daughters Day FAQs
What do you say on National Daughters Day?
Happy daughters day is a good start. It’s also nice to pay your daughter some compliments and let them know how special you think they are.

Is there a National Wife Day?
National Wife Appreciation Day is celebrated each year on the third Sunday of September.

What day is National Sons Day?
National Sons Day is September 28.





Why We Love National Daughters Day
A daughter gets positive reinforcement
Your daughter may do more than you know. In single-parent homes, a daughter may keep the family functioning when Mom or Dad (or even Grandma or Grandpa) is at work. Lots of daughters cook, clean, and help their siblings with homework. So, this is your chance to acknowledge how helpful your daughter is with dinner and a movie, or a beach trip for her and her crew.

Mother-daughter love is real
Don’t believe the hype that mothers and daughters don’t get along. This myth goes along the lines that mothers and daughters are naturally competitive, or that mothers and daughters argue because they’re too much alike. Many mothers and daughters can’t live without each other and use National Daughters Day as an excuse to hang out with your favorite girl, no matter how old she is. If there happens to be a little strife, this day is a great opportunity to work things out.

Your daughter may share her dreams with you
This is the day when your daughter may give you a glimpse into how she sees her future. If you listen closely, you may find out what an intelligent, empathetic, independent, level-headed daughter you raised!

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