Michigan Proficiency Test

The Michigan Proficiency Test (MET) is an exam which assesses general English language skills usually needed in social and work environments. It is the American equivalent to the Cambridge Proficiency Exam.

The MET is designed for adults and teenagers with at least a secondary level of education who need or want to have an evaluation of their general English language proficiency for work or study purposes.

Students for example can take it after completing an English language course to attest their level of proficiency. Workers may need it to prove their ability to speak English when applying for jobs or looking for a promotion.

Note: Although this test will certify the candidate’s language skills it is not valid as an admission test for students applying to universities and colleges in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The Test

The exam tests listening, reading, grammar & vocabulary. A speaking component is optional.

The exam consists of 135 multiple-choice questions supplied on paper.

The questions are divided in two sections:

Section 1. listing

Section 2. reading & grammar

The speaking test, when required, consists of a one to one interview between the examiner and the candidate.

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