Masters Degrees for Teachers of English

The usual qualifications‏‎ for newcomers to TEFL‏‎ are a BA degree and a TEFL certificate such as the IWeb TEFL Certificate.

However, after a few years experience, some teachers will want to go for further study.

The two main options here are a TEFL Diploma or a Masters Degree (or MA).

The MA is considered a higher qualification than a Diploma and is often a requirement for university or college level jobs teaching English. It is normally a residential course at a university. As well as various modules there is often a 10,000+ word dissertation on a relevant chosen topic. Courses are typically 12 months full time or 24 months part time.

These courses are often highly specialized, for example:

  • MA in Language Learning & Technology
  • MA in ELT Management
  • MA in Applied Linguistics

Entry qualifications vary, but a typical MA course will want to see a good BA degree in a relevant subject plus 2 years or more experience teaching. Of course there is also a need for a high level of English and for non-native speakers this will mean something like a 6.5 IELTS‏‎ score or 580 TOEFL‏‎ score.

Useful Links

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