January 11 Birthdays

January 11th Birthdays

  1.  Cody Simpson, Pop Singer
  2. Julie Franke, YouTube Star
  3. Jania Bania, Instagram Star
  4. Lauren Giraldo, Instagram Star
  5. Eve Bennett, YouTube Star
  6. Yrndj, YouTube Star
  7. Mary J. Blige, R&B Singer
  8. Louisa Johnson, Pop Singer
  9. Lindsay Arnold, Dancer
  10. Rebal D, YouTube Star
  11. Justin Kroma, YouTube Star
  12. Christian Nodal, World Music Singer
  13. Jamie Vardy, Soccer Player
  14. Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804), Politician
  15. Alyssa McKay, TikTok Star
  16. Yolanda Hadid, Reality Star
  17. Shareef O’Neal, Basketball Player
  18. Kyle Richards, Reality Star
  19. Emaza Dilan, Pop Singer
  20. Lil Twist, Rapper
  21. Bones, Rapper
  22. Sigh Mike, Instagram Star
  23. Scotty Cranmer, BMX Rider
  24. Rachel Riley, TV Show Host
  25. Emile Heskey, Soccer Player
  26. Robbie Burlew, TikTok Star
  27. Jedidiah Goodacre, Movie Actor
  28. Noah Zulfikar, Dancer
  29. Hannah Raisor, TikTok Star
  30. Katerino, Twitch Star
  31. Logan Lang, TikTok Star
  32. Leroy Sané, Soccer Player
  33. Cali Rush,YouTube Star
  34. Amiyah Scott, Instagram Star
  35. Daniele Bolelli, Non-Fiction Author
  36. Roksana Wegiel, Pop Singer
  37. Essence Tatiana, Instagram Star
  38. LunchMoney Lewis, Rapper
  39. Lexany Di’Amore, Family Member
  40. TayTaysNummies, TikTok Star
  41. Thom Brier, TikTok Star
  42. Siti Nurhaliza, World Music Singer
  43. Lucy Vives, Instagram Star
  44. Verbal Ase, Beatboxer
  45. Kittypop time, YouTube Star
  46. King Richard, Twitch Star
  47. Fortnite Physics, YouTube Star
  48. Hella Sketchy (2001-2019), Rapper

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