Food Tour in Yunnan

Chinese Food Tour in Yunnan – AMAZING STREET FOOD and Ethnic Feast! | Yunnan, China Day 1

Special thanks to Zouba Tours for arranging everything in this video. I paid for this tour (it’s not sponsored), but I think they did a great job, and I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the tour.

Luxi who was our guide also has a cooking school called Rice and Friends – we’ll visit her cooking school on Day 3 of this series.

Ok, now onto the info about this Chinese street food tour in Yunnan:

Xizhou, China

On Day 1, we drove from Dali Old Town to Xizhou, another ancient town near Dali, that’s known for some famous Chinese street food snacks.

We started for breakfast with a thick pea porridge and a pea pudding salad. The grandmother serving had been making these same dishes since she was a child with her mother. The breakfast was warming and delicious, and it hit the spot in the morning.
Total price – 8 RMB ($1.20)

Xizhou Baba – Probably the most famous Chinese street food you have to try in Xizhou is baba, which is also sometimes known as a Chinese pizza. It’s a round of dough that’s mixed with lard and meat, or the sweet version, and baked in a unique street oven using charcoal. Part of the fun is watching it being made. Then of course, eating it is absolutely delicious.
Price – 10 RMB ($1.50) per piece

Yunnanese cheese – Next up in Xizhou we went to watch a local Yunnanese Cheese demonstration. Yunnan is one of the few places in China where there is a cheese culture – some say it was brought over with the Mongols. We made some local cheese, then put it out to dry, then they let us sample some different types of the prepared cheese. Price – 8 RMB ($1.20)

Yi He Zhuang (怡和庄) Restaurant – This Yunnanese ethnic Bai Chinese food meal was the highlight of my day. We had an absolute feast of a meal, including a few unique Chinese dishes like raw pig sashimi and pine needle salad. Everything was colorful, using natural ingredients and the flavors were spectacular. This meal is one I’ll never forget.
Total price – 215 RMB ($32.41)

Dali Old Town – It was a long day of delicious Chinese food, and in the evening we drove back to Dali Old Town and headed out for dinner.

Duan’s Kitchen – For dinner we were back in Old Town Dali, and my friend Frank from Zouba Tours mentioned that Duan’s Kitchen was a little touristy, but he said we needed to try it because the food was amazing and they are doing some unique things. The food was outstanding, and my favorite dish was the chicken braised in chili oil with pu’er tea.
Total price – 180 RMB ($27.14)




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