Don’t Pay Your Agent!

Another story today of someone who lost a healthy lot of money by paying an agent to find them work… and the agent did nothing.

In today’s Guardian news paper is the sobering story of a teacher who paid £320 ($503 USD, €398) to an agency called ESL Job Finder to find them a TEFL job.

And the agency basically won’t refund their money and has done nothing to help.

This is a warning. We have said it before on these pages and we will say it again. TEFL employment agents are paid by the schools to help find them teachers. You should NEVER pay an agent a single penny to find you work.

Agents work for the schools, not for you. So don’t pay them. Agents can be very useful people and can help, especially with new teachers heading out to an unknown country for the first time but please, people, don’t get ripped off!

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