Conjunctions‏‎ In English Grammar

A conjunction (also known as connector or joiner) is a word used to join words‏‎, phrases‏‎, or clauses‏‎ together to show their relationship in a sentence.

There are 3 main types of conjunctions in English.

Coordinating Conjunctions
Coordinating conjunctions always join similar parts of speech‏‎, e.g.:

subject + subject

verb phrase + verb phrase

sentence + sentence

and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet…

You and I are both lucky today!

She works or sleeps and never goes out.

They walked to the park so they could get a little fresh air.

See the main article, Coordinating Conjunctions‏‎.

Subordinating Conjunctions
Subordinating conjunctions are adverbs‏‎ used to link a subordinate clause‏‎ to a main clause.

while, after, since, although, even if, because, than…

She always washes all the dishes after we finish eating.

See the main article, Subordinating Conjunctions‏‎.

Correlative Conjunctions
Correlative conjunctions also join similar parts of speech however, unlike coordinating conjunctions, they are always used in pairs.

not only – but also

whether – or

neither – nor

Neither you nor I can afford it.

Limit both your alcohol and your coffee intake if you suffer from high blood pressure.

See the main article, Correlative Conjunctions‏‎.

The conjunction is attached to the sub-clause. The main clause can come first or second:

{main clause} + {conjunction + sub-clause}

You will not beat me no matter how hard you try.

{conjunction + sub-clause} + {main clause}

No matter how hard you try, you will not beat me.

If the sub clause comes first, we separate the two clauses with a comma.

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