Comparison‏‎ in English Grammar

When we compare two or more items, we have different ways to do it, depending on the items we are comparing. We can change the form of the word or use a phrase.

Comparatives and Superlatives
To compare nouns, we can change the adjective describing them by using comparative and superlative adjectives:

Enid is pretty though Alexa is prettier; Alexa is prettier than Enid. But Olga is the prettiest of them all.

To compare verbs, we can change the adverb describing them by using comparative and superlative adverbs:

Olga works carefully though Alexa works more carefully. But Enid works the most carefully of them all.

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Comparison Phrases
We can also use different comparison phrases to make comparisons. For example:

He is as tall as me.
He is the tallest man I have ever seen.
He looks as if he is the tallest man in the room.
He is so tall that he has to bend to get through the door.

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Useful Phrases
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