BULATS stands for Business Language Testing Service which is a commercial service run by Cambridge Assessment‏‎.

It is essential a method of testing the English ability (as well as French, German & Spanish) of business people. After the test users are given a score which relates to the CEF. The tests are held at a number of locations around the world.


C2 – 90-100
C1 – 75-89
B2 – 60-74
B1 – 40-59
A2 – 20-39
A1 – 0-19

Taking a BULATS test is supposed to provide the learner with an assessment of their language which can be used in job applications and suchlike. Business organizations also use BULATS to test employees (and potential employees) to get a snapshot of their language abilities. Normally results are posted 7 days after the exam which can be taken at any time throughout the year.

Note that although in the past the BULATS test was sufficient for application for a UK visa, it is no longer acceptable for visa application.

Test Format

The test has 4 components:

  • computer test (about 60 minutes)
  • standard test (on paper, about 110 minutes)
    • listening test
    • reading and language knowledge
  • speaking (interview & presentation)
  • writing (about 45 minutes; a business related writing task)

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