August 3 Birthdays

August 3rd Birthdays


  1. Tom Brady, Football Player
  2. Grav3yardgirl, YouTube Star
  3. John Gabbana, Rapper
  4. Landry Bender, TV Actress
  5. Brandon Rogers, YouTube Star
  6. Nadeshot, YouTube Star
  7. Karlie Kloss, Model
  8. A6d, YouTube Star
  9. Sean Dolan, Stage Actor
  10. Martha Stewart, Entrepreneur
  11. James Hetfield, Metal Singer
  12. Devon Lee Carlson, Instagram Star
  13. Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Movie Actress
  14. Evangeline Lilly, TV Actress
  15. Sean Fujiyoshi, YouTube Star
  16. Chandler Kinney, TV Actress
  17. D.R.A.M., Rapper
  18. Key Glock, Rapper
  19. Ron Suno, Instagram Star
  20. DC The Don, Rapper
  21. Michael Ealy, Movie Actor
  22. Ryan Lochte, Swimmer
  23. Jukka Hilden, TV Actor
  24. Todd Gurley, Football Player
  25. Taylor Machat, Instagram Star
  26. Ashley Kelsey, Reality Star
  27. Kristie Ray, Reality Star
  28. Bexey Swan, Rapper
  29. Victor Pope Jr., Comedian
  30. Luzu, YouTube Star
  31. Lil Poppa, Rapper
  32. Masahiro Sakurai, Game Designer
  33. Lisa Ann Walter, Movie Actress
  34. Julia Tomasone, TV Actress
  35. Lucie Fink, TV Show Host
  36. Isaiah Washington, TV Actor
  37. Ramon Reed, TV Actor
  38. Skye Raae, TikTok Star
  39. Tony Bennett, Pop Singer
  40. Jourdan Dunn, Model
  41. Melissa Ponzio, TV Actress
  42. Chris Ramsey, Comedian
  43. Dominic Kline, TV Actor
  44. S1, Music Producer
  45. Adrian Gee, YouTube Star
  46. Martin Sheen, Movie Actor
  47. Sonny Bill Williams, Rugby Player
  48. Hannah Simone, TV Actress


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