Act an Adverb‏‎ – adverb activity

Act an Adverb is a simple game which you can play with different levels‏‎ and ages of class. It is based around the meaning and use of different adverbs‏‎.

Prepare a set of flashcards‏‎, each of which has an adverb on it, e.g.

  • happily
  • quietly
  • sadly
  • carefully
  • crazily

(You can also do this without flashcards by asking students to call out adverbs and then write them on the board.) Then prepare a list of different colored cards, each of which has an action on it, e.g.

  • wash the dishes
  • eat a banana
  • drive a car
  • read a book
  • make a phone call

As teacher, you can go first in front of the class. Pick out an action and an adverb card and simply mime the activity in the manner described by the adverb. The class have to guess what you are doing and then suggest the adverb which describes the way you are doing it.

Once the class are familiar with the game, you can get different students to come up to the front and select an adverb and an action to perform. Of course if you have a large class and a few shy students you can have them do this in small groups‏‎.

Note, as with all games and activities, you should adjust the phrases and adverbs you use to suit the class level and age.

See Also
Speak an Adverb‏‎ – a similar game where the class uses intonation‏‎ and style to get the adverb across.

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