Acronyms (TEFAL)

The following are a list of TEFAL acronyms.
Further acronyms will be added when we can think of them.

  • CELTA – Can Easily Lose Teaching Ability
  • CELTA – Creepy English Losers Teaching Abroad
  • DELTA – Dumb Educators Lack Teaching Ability
  • DELTA – Dumb English Language Teachers Abroad
  • DoS – Doddery Old Soak
  • DoS – Dull old Sod
  • ELT – Embarrassingly Lax Teaching
  • ESL – Easily Suckered Learners
  • NNS – Not Normal Spelling
  • OUP – Overly Unctuous Printers
  • TEFAL – Teaching English For A Laugh
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