Crocodile Tears

Pretending to be upset by something. For Example: “He acted really upset about not being invited on the trip, but I think he was just crying crocodile tears.”

Up The Creek

In a difficult position with no easy way out. For Example: The full saying is “up the creek without a paddle” which means you’re in a bad situation and don’t really have anything that can help you.

Take Its Course

Allowing something to happen without outside influence. For Example: The full saying is usually “let nature take its course” which means “just relax and let’s just see how everything works out in the end.”

A Couch Potato

Someone who watches a lot of television and is therefore assumed to be lazy. For Example: “Did you invite Greg to the party?” “Yes, I did, but I doubt he’ll come. That guy is such a couch potato.”

In A Tight Corner

In a difficult situation. For Example: “When Mary told me I had to choose between her or my career, I really found myself in a tight corner.”

Lose Your Cool

To become tempermental or nervous. For Example: “When the store clerk told Bill they were out of beer, he lost his cool and shouted that he would never return to the store again.”

Keep Your Cool

To remain calm in an adverse situation. For Example: When someone keeps their cool, they don’t become emotionally upset or distracted in a scenario where most people might.

A Tough Cookie

An underdog whose determination usually results in success. For Example: “No one thought Mark stood a chance in that fight, but he is one tough cookie and proved everyone wrong.”

In Inverted Commas

A phrase that indicates the phrase you’re using to describe something is being used with sarcasm. For Example: You might say, “Bill thinks one day he’s going to ‘save the company’ in inverted commas.” What you’re implying is that you don’t believe Bill genuinely intends to save the company.

With Flying Colors

With great success. For Example: If Sarah needed to score 80% to pass a test and she scored 97% on the test, you would say “she passed the test with flying colors.”