Take It Easy

The meaning of this common English phrase is very different than it may sound. In fact, it doesn’t really make logical sense when reading it. The phrase is essentially the same as saying: “Relax.” For Example: It is said by a person to another person to calm them. It can also be used by a […]

A Diamond In The Rough

Someone or something with great potential despite an appearance to the contrary. For Example: “She might not try very hard to look pretty, but I think Suzy is a diamond in the rough. If she focused more on her beauty, she would be a total knockout!”

Just Deserts

To get what one deserves. For Example: “I told Michael not to cheat on his taxes. Now he’s getting his just deserts; the IRS is auditing him.”

Runs Deep

Something that is very established or concrete. For Example: “That red hair runs deep in Jimmy’s family genetics.”

To Death

A phrase used to emphasize an emotion. For Example: If you are “scared to death,” you are really scared. If you are “bored to death,” you are really bored.

Get A Raw Deal

To receive poor treatment or a bad outcome. If you get a raw deal, you had things go unfavorably. For Example: “I got a raw deal today at work: I found out they’re closing my position at the end of the year.”

Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead

A phrase that indicates a refusal to do something. For Example: If someone “wouldn’t be caught dead” doing something, that’s their way of saying they would never do it.

Make Someone’s Day

Doing something that makes someone happy. For Example: “You should go tell Jenny that you noticed she’s lost some weight. I’m sure it will make her day.”

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job

A phrase used to tell someone they’re not very good at something. For Example: If Cory invites his friend Chris to go golfing and realizes his friend Chris is very bad at golfing, he might say, “well Chris, don’t give up your day job!” as a way of saying he’ll never be able to make […]